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    Answer and ask the next person

    A: No, we are aging to be wiser lol Q: same
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    How Attractive Are You!?

    Why do men and women cheat and have affairs? Why do some people get promoted, when others more skilled or qualified are overlooked? The answers might surprise you. Recent US research reveals that it is how the other person makes us feel that arouses our interest. Yes, the people who steal our partners and take our jobs know how to make the boss - or our partner - feel good. They are attractive. And surprise, surprise - not necessarily in a "nice boobs or butt" type of way. We, too, are drawn to these people (as long as it's not our partners they hit upon). They make great friends, work colleagues and partners. Their secret is they know how to make people feel valued and good about themselves. They radiate positive thoughts, feelings and emotions and we can't help but feel drawn to them - the law of attraction in action. So, as well as improving your skills and qualifications to get ahead in life, don't overlook powering up your attraction skills to improve your career, friendships and love life! Following are 10 attributes of an attractive person. The good news is, it's not all about looking gorgeous - anyone with motivation and focus can acquire these attributes. 1. They listen Attractive people show a genuine interest and they value our communications. They focus on us exclusively during our interactions. 2. They are positive Attractive people are totally upbeat. Their conversation topics are uplifting. They don't replay problems or focus on what is wrong with their lives. 3. They practise self-care Attractive people take excellent care of themselves, nurturing their mind, body and soul. We can't help but admire them. 4. They are intuitive Attractive people empathise to understand how we feel. We form effortless connections with them. 5. They are appreciative Attractive people express their gratitude. This make us feel important, valued and appreciated. 6. They are individuals Attractive people are not afraid to create and project their own individuality. We admire their style. 7. They are genuine Attractive people are trustworthy. We entrust them with our deepest, darkest, secrets. 8. They make things happen Attractive people are decisive and confident. For them, there are no such things as problems, only opportunities. It is good to know them in times of need. 9. They are interesting Attractive people fill their lives with the activities and interests they love. They transform their experiences so they are stimulating and interesting. 10. They focus in the now Attractive people are not trapped in the past or overly focused on the future. They set intentions, and go with flow. They are not perfectionist or attached to outcomes.
  3. Sheytoonak

    ~~Send Your Love~~

    Mwahhh :air_kiss_wft: miss you too!! mersi vaseh love terekoondan khooofi? long time no c !!
  4. Sheytoonak

    Go Random

    ^ Parandeye ghashangam keiy miaai ??? la la la la Mibinam ke ba'leh! dobare ashegh shodiiii o man khabar nadaram! :harhar_wft[1]: :dance_baby_wft:
  5. Sheytoonak

    ~~Send Your Love~~

    I send my love to Parande khanoom e seskiii hope u doing well ... mwahh
  6. Sheytoonak

    ~~Send Your Love~~

    I also send my love to "Amelia khanoom e gol" ke kheili vaght azash khabari nadaram!!
  7. Sheytoonak

    ***Lolita Bonita Uncut***

    heheh well done both of u!!! ajab interview ei shod lol :t Awwkhey!! cute!! Lolita! tabrik migam ... inshala be paye ham pir beshid
  8. Sheytoonak

    dar rah be chi fekr mikonid?

    begoo, be chi fekr nemikonam! :punishing_wft:
  9. Sheytoonak

    ~~Send Your Love~~

    I send my love to myself for being lazy :bl
  10. Sheytoonak

    laboojoon Tavalodet Mobarak

    :birthday: :clap2: :clap2: Happy Belated Birthday Amo0 Lab Labo0 :air_kiss_wft: :air_kiss_wft: Inshala ke you had great time... :punishing_wft: :punishing_wft: wish all the bestttt P.S Mersi ke sahme mano negar daashti ... :harhar_wft[1]:
  11. keano meano khengool mengool pengool :harhar_wft[1]: :dance_baby_wft: :dance_baby_wft: :harhar_wft[1]: happy birthday again! :birthday: Inshaala ke khosh gozashte! :punishing_wft:
  12. Sheytoonak

    ~~Send Your Love~~

    are digeh, no keh biad beh bazar, kohneh shavad del azar . manzooret?! :huh:
  13. Sheytoonak

    My dilemma.

    KhaaHHHHHHHhesh mikonamMMMM sahar Nanaazii mwahhh
  14. Sheytoonak

    My dilemma.

    heheheh Well, I know what u mean .. but as i said yeki 2 bar baham biroon raftan ke chizi o kharab nemikone =D ageh khaast sheytooni koneh yaa aziat ... domesho gheychi kon :punishing_wft: ageh na ham ke ... lilililili be salaamatiii =D
  15. Sheytoonak

    ~~Send Your Love~~

    I send my love to My Mom My family my sister in law ke emshab tavalodesh bod my Sarvar and all my friends especially my bia2 friends Abji Dodo, Abji Tara, Mahsa Pishi, mademoisell saharnazi, Labo0 Shahradi, Keano mangooli, Amelia khoshmele, and princess ramram va hameh o hameh xo love u all boos boos
  16. Sheytoonak

    Go Random

    اگه بیای کنارِتو بهارو باور میکنم هرچی گلِ بهاریِ پیش تو پر پر میکنم اگه بیاد پنجرمو بروی گل وا میکنم عکس دل گمشدمو دوباره پیدا میکنم تو عیدی دل منی که داری از راه میرسی تو آسمون دل من عزیزتر از ماه میرسی وقتی صدای پاهات میات نمیدونی چها میشه زمستونم باشه اگه گل بهاری وا میشه اومدنت بهونه ی شکفتن دل من همین که از در میرسی دلم جوونه میزنه تو عیدی دل منی که داری از راه میرسی تو آسمون دل من عزیزتر از ماه میرسی
  17. Sheytoonak

    I Feel Like...

    I feeel like flyinggg
  18. Sheytoonak

    My dilemma.

    Hmmmm Interestingggg mademoiselle jooon!!!! :harhar_wft[1]: passsss aroosi oftaadim? lol jk :dance_baby_wft: how old is he?! va chand vaghte oonjas? well um ... actually doesnt matter how old ... its all about compatibility... va inke cheghad mature bashe! hala mikhaad irooni basheh ya gheire irooni! fekr mikonam ageh sa'y koni bishtar yani aval beshnaasish behtar basheh ta inke bekhaai aval dar morede relationship fekr koni ... cheghadr baham harf zadid..?? but I guess worth trying ke chand bar ya hatta ye bar ham bahash coffee beri biroon, vali tori nasheh ke chon dareh behet komak mikone dar morede essay-et ... talabkar beshe!! inam ye bakhshi az nazare man lol ..
  19. Sheytoonak

    You Know You Are Gay When ...

    You Know You're Gay When... You wear the appropriate underwear for each of your dates. You understand the subtle differences between at least 20 brands of vodka. You understand the immense importance of good (or bad) lighting. You can be in a crowded bar and still spot a toupee from 50 yards away. You can tell a woman you love her bathing suit and mean her bathing suit. You can tell a woman she has lipstick on her teeth without embarrassing her. No one expects you to kiss and not tell. You can have naked pictures of men you know in your home. You can have naked pictures of men you don't know in your home. You can have naked pictures of men you don't know in your home and on your computer. Unlike your women friends, you can hang out in men's locker rooms. You understand why the good Lord created spandex. You understand why the good Lord did not intend everyone to wear spandex. You know the difference between a latte, cappuccino, cafe au lait and a macchiato. And if you don't, you know how to fake it. You know how to get back at just about everyone. Your pets always have great names. Nobody expects you to change a tire. You're the only guy who gets to do the Cosmo quizzes. You know how to get a waiter's attention. You only wear polyester when you mean to. At any given instant, you can recite who was gay since the dawn of history. You are, hands down, your nephews' and nieces' favorite uncle. You get to choose your family. You can tell your sexual compatibility with a potential partner by the way he holds his drink. You can smile to let someone know you can't stand them. You wouldn't be caught dead in Hooters. You can freeze an approaching bar troll 20 feet away. You're good pals with women other people can't stand. You've always got an opinion, and don't mind sharing it. You've read the book, seen the movie, done the musical. You know how to "air kiss." You know exactly which cosmetic surgery to consider having, and the perfect excuse to give people who ask where you've been for two weeks. You know how to dress strategically. You know when to move out and move on. You are the only one at the class reunion who looks better than you did in high school. You've got at least one framed picture of a pet. You know being called a "cheap slut" isn't necessarily an insult. You wouldn't buy someone a mug for their birthday. You know which wine to bring. Sales clerks don't mess with you. You have a medicine chest stocked for any occasion. You never hold a grudge for longer than a decade. You've just about defeated the accent you were born with. You know the way to a man's heart is not necessarily through his stomach. You choose the most fabulous greeting cards. You know every film ever made with male frontal nudity. You've got sunscreen at every conceivable SPF level. You have the latest International Male catalogue. You wouldn't dream of dressing out of the latest International Male catalog. You can be bitchy without anyone blaming it on biology.
  20. Sheytoonak

    ~* Happy Birthday AaBji dodo * ~

    You were born at a magical time of the year. And while you celebrate the beauty of the season, know that you're being celebrated, too. :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: Because your birthday is a very special part of what makes december so beautiful! :wub: :birthday: :birthday: aabji joonam tavalodet mobaarak... 100 saal be in saal-haaa Inshala ke saale khoob o khoshi dashte baashi .. por az shaadi o salamati .. be arezoohat ham nazdiktar beshi.. mwahhhh ... have fun! (kash manam pishet bodam! heheh)
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    ~~Send Your Love~~

    pas man chi? lo000ol
  22. Sheytoonak

    ~~Send Your Love~~

    Oh yes ... che jooram!
  23. Sheytoonak

    ~~Send Your Love~~

    bah bah che khosh booo e
  24. Sheytoonak

    ~~Send Your Love~~

    I wonder che no' goli