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  1. Hmmmm… my feelings, well I feel extremely stupid that I have a dad and they now don’t, I am undescribably sad and very scared of the future.


    I can’t exactly ask my mum cauz I’m sure what she feels right now isn’t at all similar to mines. I am really struggling in putting my feeling into words, dark daram ke inha hamaro mishe ba ye negah goft vali man ham mikham ye chizi begam ke bedonan man che ehsasy daram o har kari as dastam bar biad barashoon anjam midam, but what do I say?

  2. Hey guys! I just found out that I’m going to iran next week to attend my uncle-in- law’s 1st death anniversary but I seriously don’t want to go. Since this is the first death in my family ( as far as I can remember) I am absolutely clueless on what to do or say to my aunty and cousins.


    It’s my first time seeing or even speaking to them after their father’s death.

    I know for a fact that I’m going to burst into tears seeing my 7 year old cousin but what do I say??? Help!

  3. hmmm... what did i do? well az sobh ta hala neshastam vase kheiriati ke mamanam farda mikhad bede ro shole zard neveshtam Mohammad bad yadam miofte ke bayad roosh mikeshidam ya ali, na vali khoda kheili mehraboone inshallah farda maman mibarash, nabordesham khodam mikhoramesh!:D

  4. i know exactly what you're saying but don't you think that the father (in the pic) is able to go and work earn a decent amount of money but no his choosen to make his own son's arm get crushed and pay the small amount of money that he gets out of it to the drugs that he uses. it's such a shame for the kid but at the end of the day it's his own dad that's making him do this!

    and have you heard the amount that the goverment are doing to deal with the heroin addicts!?


    And for the ones who have a problem with me suporting my country and their goverment then yous should know that the majority of people living there are muslims and do prefer the way that their country is getting ruled! they can't keep everyone happy!