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  1. Rai0n916

    Jaber Rouzbahani (7-5 Iranian Basketball Player)

    damn he hella big, can dunk on his toes!?!? thats krazy.....
  2. Rai0n916

    Iran sexy fan pix *18+*

    whats the link?
  3. Rai0n916

    what are you listening to

    zed bazi, zezezezed!! LOL
  4. well what sort of army dos iran have lol iran got a army full of real life souljas, straped with bomb ready to die for there country at a moments notice, lock and key around there neck ready to meet there maker, battalions full of shahids... america cant handle all that..... it will be an Azz whoping :punishing_wft:
  5. Rai0n916

    guests of the ayatollah

    5pm till 7pm on tuesday the 27th it will be on again.....
  6. here is what you do, step one: if your broke... get some cash! since your paki so you get a free pass but now you know no persian gurl will marry you or even just Funk with you if all you can give her is your last name, so make sure you got a real comfortable bank account. step two: after your done getting paid go out a buy a bmw or a mercedes, iranian gurlz seem to be in love with these, the newer the year the better. step three: let her see you throwing alot of money around on Shoot you dont really need, example: tip the smelly arab guy bring you coles at the hooka bar a Cnote just to set the tone. if all steps are followed you should have no problem pulling stuck up spoiled persian gurl!! , enjoy, and good luck!!
  7. Rai0n916

    guests of the ayatollah

    was watchin this thing on tv and a ad came up for this show on the discovery times channel on the 26th, about the american sefarat hostage thing, you gonna watch it? i know i am, i may Funk around and see a uncle or somthing in the crowd of people!! what are your thoughts about it????
  8. born muslim, got some khall khoobis, respect zorasterianism, but in the end i still got love for allah...
  9. Rai0n916

    Predict Iran vs. Portugal

    Funk teama melli right now im still mad after at them i lost half a rack on them last game, branko was outcoached in the second half, my heart is on karimi and the squad but my money is on portagaul....:2-0 pauletta (1) deca (1)......