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  1. It isnt working too much
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    Go Random

    i want have a Persian girlfriend :dance_baby_wft: I wonder why i love Persians too much.
  3. Wo ho, friends, there isnt a good place for talking about nation.I know who am i and i dont carry.We, Turks (naturally Azeris) arent too innocent and the best ha ha.
  4. I borned a sunni muslim, grandson of a mullah and son of a religion educated man.Every member of my family was %100 muslim.But i explored all religions after i reached 15 and wanted make my free choice.I choosed communism in a term.Although, i couldnt find any religion more logical than Islam so i turned to a %100 muslim.But i changed my section and became a Maliki from a Hanefi, my family too angry to me.
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    The IRANIAN name game!

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    ~~Send Your Love~~

    Thanks, i send my love to world's the most beautiful girls.Pardon, Persian girls.Ah forgive me, they are already same :bl
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    ~~Send Your Love~~

    I'm sending my love to all girls.Hello everybody :bl
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    The IRANIAN name game!

  9. Azeris are %100 Turk, totally Turk.Only five kind of people can claim contrary: 1-A Turkish Modernist(Crap eater of Frenchs) 2-A Persian fascist(Who want separate Turkey and Azeris) 3-A brain-washed Azeri (lived in Persia and educated in Persian schools) 4-A Zionist Jew 5-A deaf/blind person
  10. Prejudices, prejudices, prejudices...It is everywhere.I dont know , how did your mullahs fill your brain agianst turks but i have a quote from a turkish history book in firstschools: "Persians are a fanatic nation.They rebelled under leadership of a white bearded demon named khomeini and became a danger to modern world.They want destroy secularism in world, speciality Turkey.They want sell their sheriatic administration styll to Turkey.Every Turk must be wait strong against Persians." You can watch Turkish tvs:They are showing executions and other bad punishments from Iran everyday.You cant find many Turk who like Iran. I know, different bad things provoking in Iran about Turkey.So, they dont want a friendship between Turkey and Iran.Turkish media is all Jewic and Sabataistic and a particuled middle east is easy way for set Great Zıonist State. I passed on my national prejudices and saw reality.I love Iran, i love everything about Iran, im learning Iran history and language, admiring to Iran culture.Even, i want marry with an Iranian girl in future. People, think on it and pass over your prejudices.Middleeast is enough for our nations and friendships always better than foeness. :clap2:
  11. Hi, im a Turkey Turk and currently studying Turkish language and literature.I want say something about Azeris.For the last exploring, language understandable between Azeri and Turkey is %95.We are watching Azeri channels in TV and easily understand it.Accept or not, Azeris are Turk.We, Turkish tribes passed on Iran and came to Anatolia but many Turks stayed in Iran, mixed with Persians with their culturs and blood. But they are Turk, totally Turk. About Kurds, they arent accept Persian theyself, besides they usually hate from Persians.They have got rights, even they choosen primany minister and president many times.Kurds are equal with us on many subjects and living relaxly:Can you say same thing for many other nation in Iran?