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    Hi to all new members!

    Bishtar az 10 sal shod, emruz chera in site be yadam oftad nemidunam. Ghabl az facebook ba mardom dar in siteha ashina mishodim, sohbat va dava mikardim, zaban yad migereftim. Hatta mano inja ban karde budand­čśé. Bad az facebook in siteha heme mordand. Alan heme nostalgic shod ­čÖä
  2. Look, you are not a Turk.I dont believe you are a Turk, you are a Persian even you are a fascist Persian. http://panazeri.blogspot.com/ another fascist persian suggested this link.I understand after watch it, you are living with totally empty dreams.You are supposing 250.000.000 Persian living on world and if 2 Persian living anywhere of world, you are adding to Persian map. pass this dreams, we played with it before many times.We danced with Touranism, a Turk state with 300.000.000 population.today, whole Turks know, it is only an empty dream.We dont look at passed, we are looking to future. Urdu=Ordu today currently using in Turkish language, mean is "army".Totally a Turkish word.Gazneli Mahmut conquested India with a multi-ethnical army:Turks, Peshtos, Arabs, Persians even Mongols.They developed a language after a while, they mixed some words from their language and set a new language:Urduca, Urdu Dili(Army Language).Urdu isnt Persian, Urdu is Turkish more than Persian. man, dont argue with me, im studying language and literature history and we studied on it last year. i can bear if an Eskimo or a tribe from African jungle come and discuss with me about human rights.But other nations havent got any claim for better than us.Look at yourself, we know tortures and prisons to our Sunni brothers in Iran.They cant live their religion freely.You killed thousands of people when khomeini stroke, after it, you are always executting somebody and you are talking about human rights with me. ironic, very ironic, too ironic... im agreeing with daywalker.Kurdish terrorists arent important than flies.But our government and army are scaring from America.If they want, they will send 1/100 of Turkish army and eradicate all PKK and Kurdish terrorism in Turkey and Iraq.But we are currently searching diplomatic ways, this is our weakness. another thing:look at yourself, you are defending Kurds.It is Iran's politicy.You keeped and supported PKK against us since 10-15 year.Your aims are same with emperialists:Use Kurds for shatter Turkey. We stayed strong, we are staying strong and we shall stay strong against all of you. You cannot shatter this country.Our flag will always swim in our skys and Kurds will always live on this coutry.If you love Kurds too much, give countries to them from Iran, as Ahmedinecad's suggest about Jews to Europans.
  3. Bro Synanreen your story is different from Daywalker's story, you're saying now nevruz was because you're celebrating rescuing from Eregenkon, make a hole on iron mountain. This is also different from Daywalker's story: he say's it's a "spring celebration". Why is it named in Persian then? that doesn't make sense. That's two different reasons and stories. not different, we are both saying same celebrity.It is calling "spring celebrity" and also mixing "nevruz".It is a turkish celebrity and dont related with Persian newruz but they are mixed in history.We can call it "nevruz" as we are using "hafta" for week and Charsanba, Pershembe, Cuma. Bro if you are talking about Abu Hanifah, he is actually a Persian, the Sunni Imam from the 4 schools of thought in Ahlul Sunnah. This is not from persians, but from Arabic history books. From hadith. This is from Islamonline, a Sunni website: www.islamonline.com no, Abu Hanife wasnt a Persian, he was a Turk from a family which transported to Iraq under Abbadi control. Abbadies used Turks in army and settled Samarra for them, today, near the Baghdat.Although, we havent got healthy information about his life but the most healthiest and popular theory:He was a Turk. [guote] This is Arabic and Islamic history, not from persians. This reminds me of one time I read when a Turkish minister from Turkey said the Prophet Muhammad (saw) was a Turk. The problem is in Turkey you guys want to rule the world lol. Sorry for posting this Turkish article, but I will translate for the people who don't understand Turkish, basically the minister of culture of Turkey gave a speech and said this: "''Peygamberimiz, Hazreti Muhammet'in k├Âk├╝ S├╝merlerden gelmektedir. Dolay─▒s─▒yla Hz. Muhammet de T├╝rk't├╝r'' " Translation: "Prophet Muhammad's origins also go back to the sumerians. Consequently the prophet Muhammad was also a Turk. " - So the prophet was not an Arab? lol See this is the mentality from what they teach in Turkey, and this is the problem. Turkish history is not exactly reliable. now, you are really want make a confusion.Today, in Turkey, nobody think Muhammed is a Turk, except some senile as Nam─▒k Kemal Zeybek.If you know Turkish, you can easily understand, he is bullshitting:"Asl─▒nda bug├╝nk├╝ Bat─▒ ├╝lkelerinde ya┼čayan vatanda┼člar─▒n da soyu T├╝rk't├╝r.=Actually, today who living in western countries(Europa and USA) are coming from Turks."Only 100-200 poorly minded people can think it and if you really a Turk and lived in Turkey, you know it or you are lying about you lived in Turkey. "The Ataturkist Society" gathered and assambled last day and they said:"Anitkabir(tomb of Ataturk) must be holier than Mekka for a Turk." If you are a Muslim, you should know this hadis:"I'm not coming from any nation.Arabs are coming from me but im not coming from Arabs" he was universal and even we cant say Arab for him, although his all family was Arab.
  4. SynanReen

    Go Random

    today, i finished 2th level of Hackering Course! after two other level, i can hack websites on internet, if they boring me! :DD
  5. firstly, we have got nevruz but our nevruz isnt same as Persians.It is common with Mongols, we are celebrating rescuing from Ergenekon, make a hole on iron mountain.It is older than Islam and a national celebrity.This tradition forgotten in Ottoman but afterly we resurrected it and it is celebrating in many place. Tajiks are a Farsi nation but Ozbeks are mixing Turks, Mongols and Persians and if you look at their silenty eyes, you can see which is dominant.So, maybe their nevruz is Turkish, more than Persian. about sunni and shia, we Turks arent fanatic as Arabs.Many Arabs dont like Imam Ali.Same as, we arent fanatic as Persians.They hate Oumar and Aisha.We are a tolerant nation and loving all of them without discriminate:Ali, Osman, Ebu Bekir, Oumar, Aisha, Fatima, Hasan, Huseyin and all others.Besides, the settler of most Turkish section of Islam, Ebu Hanife was a Shii Turk. "ne mutlu t├╝rk├╝m diyene" it is a totally diplomatic move from Atat├╝rk, who settler of modern Turkey.It is a great diplomatic move at this time because English was having provacation in Anatolia and working for share Anatolia."Who accept Turk theyself, they are Turk".It is a great universal view.Can you say same thing for another nation?So, many black men who living in Adana accept Turk theyself, many Seferad Jews and Armenians who living in South America accepting Turk theyself, many people freely can say:"I'm a Turk". if you are happy under control of Persians, this is your problem.We, Turks are a freedom lover nation, this mean, you lost your national character.Nobody Europan making provacation in there and not any famous TV channel as BBC and CNN exaggerating everything.But probably it is end soon:they will provocate you for divide nuclear Iran.Even they started. Emperialism...Why they want a strong Turkey or Iran in middleeast?
  6. delete the link or admins will warn you.
  7. Again I said that people should never mix culture with religion. I love my religion yes, but I also love my culture. Religion is for everyone on this Earth to follow, culture is not. im agree with you.
  8. i didnt say it for you, specially not for you..Did you totally read my reply? i think you did not...
  9. if you are non-muslim or only believing to God, you can think whatever you want about him.But if you are believing to Islam, you must leave your national ideas and respect him.Because he is one of the 10 man who promised with heaven when they are living.So, you cannot think bad things about him, if you accepting muslim yourself:it will harm to your faith.
  10. You love Omar, the one who destroyed and tortured persia? I may be muslim, but I am also iranian. I reject those who reject my culture. I love Ali, but I surly do not Love Omar(not to confuse with Omar khayyam, who I really do like). I never mix religion with culture, that is one of the biggest mistakes that people make. But hey, this is my opinion. firstly im not a Persian but Oumar attacked and fighted against my nation.He banished us to Middle Asia's steppes but i dont grudge to him.He is really a great man and he did his mission:invite infidel to religion, if they dont accept, fight against infidel.
  11. i love Mohammed, i love Abou Bakr, i love Oumar, i love Osman, i love Ali, i love Hasan , i love Huseyin, and i can sacrifice myself for them.You can think, im a stupid, a blind or a fanatic.I dont carry whatever you think.They are my holy worths and they are untouchable. you are discussing for none...Meehandost wont enter to Islam and others dont exit from Islam. and these sensitive subjects only provoke religionic senses of people.These arent new events, you are talking about 1300 year. nobody could solve them for 1300 year.who are you? Maybe Huseyin married with Banu, maybe not.What is its importance?is this change anything today? please close this discussion...
  12. i can accept it, im admiring to Persian culture, i want to go to Iran, even i want marry with an Iranian girl. but whole of my people doesnt thinking it.Iran want export its mullah system and want defeat secularity in Turkey.Whole of my people hate Iran because they are scaring.Media is doing it, Jewic and Sabbataist media.
  13. i heard, some Azeris from Iran planning shatter Turkey to two piece, first half for Helens, second half for Kurds. Nobody speaking badly about Kurds, dont mix Kurds and PKK.But if you see graves everyday and if you hear some family's son dying everyday, how can you grow good ideas?Maybe some "....." Turks mixing it and speaking badly about Kurds but they are minority.You cant burn a grove for a little snake.