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  1. Araam

    MMA / Mixed Martial Arts / UFC

    Man I am a die hard Canucks fan! If you dig the old NHL threads in this board you'll see that we've had quite a few NHL fans here on this board. This last edition of NHL Canucks pissed me off in the playoffs though, I was really counting on them this time around! Go Canucks GO!
  2. It's a game...Sometime we play it, some other time, we're being played. My personal opinion, there are no longer any solid woman on this planet that I would even consider giving one a chance.
  3. 1) Apologize if I've came across rude in anyway. 2) I don't believe in Love. 3) I have to correct the word "Abuse." It had been a game. 4) I did not leave her once I found out I was played. 5) My personal opinion in regards to marriage: A Way Out. But, anyways, I'm happy that another person on this planet has found the right person to live the rest of her life with. Guys like me won't ever find a female to live under the same roof. It's not that I'm a player or I sleep around, it's that I know what a woman wants and what she stands for.
  4. "I'm the type of girl who believes in Love Spell and hates Cheating Boyfriend" HaHa Haa!!
  5. Didn't I tell you guys, he'll be banned
  6. Araam

    Go Random

    I feel a weird pain around my balls, it feels like they're toasted somehow... :bl
  7. Araam

    One-night-stands ...

    I quit a while ago lol
  8. My brother or dear sister, I would suggest you to reconsider the above words. Humiliate our own people? I don't think the truth is ever been humiliating; nor I do anything else but the valuable Persian culture has been advertised on this very particular website. Under no circumstances or rules, I would illegible myself to take part in a solid conversation of people that I would disrespect others' participation. More likely suspended.
  9. Araam

    Charlotte Casiraghi Is Sexy

    Amo Siamak, she is not brother e azizam lol What is it that you find sexy about her? She's one of those normal mamas you see in the streets on Friday nights.
  10. Araam

    ~~Send Your Love~~

    I send my love to my mom
  11. First it was Toronto, then Montreal and Vancouver, now Edmonton. Steven Harper would need to change the name of this beautiful country if my people keep chucking their relatives and friends in it.
  12. Araam

    Search Engine Optimization

    Interesting... By the way! Welcome on board Mahmood!
  13. What about in her parents living room, right in front of their eyes!?
  14. Araam

    Charlotte Casiraghi Is Sexy

    With all I do respect, she's not sexy at all. Alan beram bekhabam, badan ke vaght dashtam miam tozih midam