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  1. looooool Keano. U little dirty king
  2. Tannaz


    I translate: Leily u are DINNER LOOOOOL
  3. Tannaz


    I saw the video clip a while ago & I was disappointed AGAIN at this guy. Not only did I HATE the song (vaghean maskharetar az in nemishe) but I also HATE the way he dresses... what's up with that???? Does this guys think he's black or smtng?? Very disappointing & ridiculous.
  4. Tannaz

    the LIZARD (Marmoulak)

    I LOVE old persian movies
  5. Tannaz

    Entertainment rumors

    It's such a shame. Vaghean baese ta'asofe ke 2 nafar ke salhaye sal baham doost boodan & baham kar kardan bekhatere POOL bezanan in rabete ro kharab konan. It's just such a shame
  6. Tannaz

    Entertainment rumors

    :o :o how come?? Midooni jaryan chiye?
  7. Tannaz

    Hello everyone !

    :o why would u say that?
  8. Tannaz

    Entertainment rumors

    :blink: dige chera khoonevadash injooriyan? Why the rest of the family?
  9. Tannaz

    See you everybody

    Guys, u open topics saying that u're leaving the forum yet u come back 2 week later! :blink: :blink:
  10. Tannaz

    **Describe all members' charactersitics!**

    Wow keano! That was awesome man! NO ONE gave a description better than u or as good as u boy! I don't even think anyone could do it as well as u... ghashang zadi to khaal ;) P.S. Yeah, I remember our 1st encounter loool. Manam mazerat mikham azat u're a great guy.
  11. Tannaz

    Entertainment rumors

    Omg! Wow! Aslan fekr nemikardam intori beshe jaryan. It's VERY unfortunate.
  12. Tannaz

    Entertainment rumors

    Wow! Nemidoonam chi begam valla. Fekr nemikardam jaryan az in gharar bashe. Fekr mikardam ke it was a MUTUAL decision cuz the brothers wanted to make it on their own (although it didn't make any since to me cuz I was like... even if they go on their own, won't they be needing a band ANYWAY?).
  13. Tannaz

    Entertainment rumors

    I don't know... I thought that's what I heard