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    Farsi word association thread

    Ok here's how it works, I say a Farsi word, and you say the first thing that comes into your mind from reading my word: "chaghale badoom"
  2. I'm sure everyone has heard about this, and I've seen the video which makes you ashamed of being a human being. I wanted to know people's opinions on this matter. Of course it's a great tragedy but does it take away from the crimes comitted by the American soldiers in Abu-Gharib and what do you think the implications of it are.
  3. I mostly listen to Metallica and other hard rock groups. System of a down was up there fo ra while. Now I'm cycling in some A perfect circle. Don't assume you know what kind of music I like though, because I'm pretty picky in what I listen to, and I listen the hell out of it. I've been listening to some massage music too but I'm not really hooked on it. Some of the songs are really great but I don't remember any names. I really hate most rap and Iranian music.
  4. I Amir to kill you


    A question for the Iranians here that have lived most of their lives in Iran: Do any of you watch Seinfeld, and if so can you relate to it? I've been loving this show lately and was wondering why none of my Iranian friends here, watch it (except for those who've lived here for a long time).
  5. I Amir to kill you

    Random funny shit

    You need a good connection for most of these, sorry! Here's pinky the cat: http://www.ontology.com/canton/weird/movies/pinky.mov You need quicktime to watch this, if you don't have it get it! It's seriously worth it. Words cannot describe how funny this clip is. Here's quicktime: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/ Just put in some phony email address. They don't care. Listen to what this girl tries to do to get a job: http://media.ebaumsworld.com/index.php?e=drugtest.mp3 Here are a couple funny sites: http://www.ebaumsworld.com http://maddox.xmission.com I'll post more if I get a good response.
  6. I Amir to kill you

    Computer help for noobs

    Well for most newbs popups are a problem. Go get the google or yahoo toolbars. They have pop-up blockers in them and if you need to see a particular pop up, it can be overriden by holding the ctrl button: Here's the link for google's which I recommend over yahoo's. Next thing is most of you have tons of adware installed on your computers. This can cause your computer to do random, stupid stuff. If you don't know what I'm talking about you need this: Ad-Aware by lavasoft. This should take care of most of the stuff, if not get Spybot - Search & Destroy from the same site and install it The next thing is viruses and trojans. You can scan for these online, provided you have a decent internet connection. Here is a free online virus scan: trend micro virus scan. Ok if you do all that, you should have a much better time going online. Any questions about your computer? Post them here.
  7. I Amir to kill you

    The new hidden camera girls...

    The new hidden camera girls are fugly! There are way better chicks in Iran.
  8. I Amir to kill you

    World News

    Looks like I was right... as usual. Saddam Trial Lacking evidence. Don't be fooled, I'm not taking Saddam's side. I just firmly believe in being inoccent until proven guilty.
  9. I lost some friends in Iran in the last earthquake. Not to mention one of my uncles was run over by a truck and killed instantaneously. (not related to the quake) The story of how these people died is pretty sad and I thought I'd share it with you: The mother and sister of my friend were on a car to Shomal. The sister was here from England to visit and there were two other ladies in this car. When the earthquake hits, a large rock tumbles down and kills the mother and her daughter. My friends brother and his dad, drive down there, put the bodies in the trunk and drive home with the other ladies. Now my friend suffers from some mental problems.
  10. I Amir to kill you

    Losses of the recent earthquake in Iran

    ^ That was me.
  11. I Amir to kill you

    Are u sure about ur salvation

    I don't mind people that go around to promote their religion. I hate those magazine sellers. They come over, they notice that I have duplicate subscriptions to: Maxim, Stuff, Razor, PC gamer, Electronic Gaming Monthly, FHM, Interview, and etc. And they still want me to buy some lame subscription!!! OK back to the topic.
  12. I Amir to kill you

    Lets make the looongest story :D

    As I was standing there waiting for my bus this morning, a bird flew over and did it's "business" on my head, then I looked @ the bird & said what a great pleasure doing business with you... as the bus apporached I walked in.. to find a bus full of nuns. I felt like I was in heaven... then after a long ride on the bus, I realized it was heading to a church, so I decided to become a nun. That's when I waxed my mustache, but then I thought why the hell am I waxing my mustache?! So I turned around to ask the nun... Hello M'am! can I instead become a child molester priest? when I ask that... a big jet come flying by a drunk old man and crashed right in the middle of the bus and made it two... I leaped out only to find the Ice Cream van waiting to offer me 3 chocoloate ice cream conee..the i just thought, forget it id rather hitchike ... as I'm riding I see Santa Claus with swimming shorts on. am i seeing right? No its just an illusion, there is nothing but chocolate growing on trees..... then I saw bush in the tree stealing the chocolate into his pouch... apparently the idiot had no idea that there was a hole in the bottom of his pouch! going along the road i deside to stop and pick some chocolats, but my stomach..... ...my stomach did not want chocolate, so I stop by McDonald's and guess who I saw..... ...the mayor of california himself so i went up to him and i said "khello khello"...and he said I AM THE TERMINATOR ..............And i said, you need to get over your self. and i left and is said "i'll b back" But I never went back ............So i kept walking along and a truckie picked me up ...but before that, a big bird swoop down and popped on my helmet!! So real mahan being a gentlmen he wiped it off with his shirt and said the next one is on me. So as he waited for the next poop, he purchased a 3 wheel car for 5 Euros but then I thought wth, that's not what i need/like... so i decided to get a push bike, but after seeing bush fall off his own bike, I dedcided not to get it. Then again I thought "why am I relating everything to bush, am not from US, am from Canada. thats right, im just going to jump on my kangaroo. That's when I realized my kagaroo is missing. But looked around the corner and he was playing hide and seek with me. I didn't like his lame games, so I shot him.
  13. I Amir to kill you

    Computer help for noobs

    Another way to get help with your computer is GOOGLE. Lets say you keep getting an error. Just copy and paste the error you get into google and push enter, or whatever the search button is. You will normally find numerous discussions about your exact same problem. And most of the time people have found solutions for it. Nice post Farid. Register man! We need as many people on here as we can get.
  14. I Amir to kill you

    r u beautiful?

    I was confused with this question too. BTW have you guys seen that chick, Sara Racey-Tabrizi? She was on Americas next top model or some reality show, and she was in Maxim this month. Lemme see if I can put her pics up here: Well that didn't seem to work, so here's the links: Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4
  15. I Amir to kill you

    Farsi word association thread

    Charshanbeh soori
  16. I Amir to kill you

    define urself in one word!

  17. I Amir to kill you

    Words Association Game

  18. I Amir to kill you

    A/S/L People

    I'm Amir 20/M/US. Let the introductions begin.
  19. I Amir to kill you

    What type of music do you peeps listen to?

    Yeah! Sadly enough, I've heard it!!! I don't like it as much as Ding Dong song though because there isn't enough Gunther in it. The Sunshine Girls sing more in that. (I hope your sarcasm detectors are working)
  20. I Amir to kill you

    What type of music do you peeps listen to?

    And here's another classic by some Indian dude: Tunuk Tunuk!!!
  21. I Amir to kill you

    What type of music do you peeps listen to?

    Here is a brilliant Swedish musician: GUNTHER!!! Here's the music video: http://wm.warnermusic.com/Sweden/Svenskt/g...dongsong_hi.wmv This guy's lyrics are off the hook: oh, you touch my talala, mm my ding ding dong. la la la la.. Oh, you touch my talala la la la la... mm, my ding ding dong. la la la la... Deep in the night i´m looking for some fun, deep in the night i´m loking for some love. dedededeep in the night i´m looking for some fun, deep in the night i´m looking for some... You tease me, oh please me, i want you to be my lovetoy, come near me, don´t here me, i just can´t get enough of you boy. Oh, you touch my talala. la la la.. mm, my ding ding dong,oh you touch my talala, my ding ding dong. la la la... uuh Deep in the night i´m looking for some fun, deep in the night i´m looking for some love. you tease me, oh please me. i want you to be my lovetoy. come near me, don´t here me, i just can´t get enough of you boy. Oh, you touch my talala. la la la... mm, my ding ding dong. la la la.. oh, you touch my talala. la la la.. mm, my ding ding dong. (ding ding dong) mm, my ding ding dong 2x oh, you touch my talala. lalala... mm, my ding ding dong. oh ,you touch my talala (ding ding dong) oh, you touch my talala. mm, my ding dong dong.
  22. I Amir to kill you

    Farsi word association thread

  23. I Amir to kill you

    World News

    I guess as Iranians, the Iran-Iraq war is what makes us hate Saddam immediately. What I was focusing on was more along the lines of his recent behavior and capabilities.
  24. I Amir to kill you

    World News

    Are you saying you believe it? And do you also believe he had weapons of mass destruction and that he had hundreds of body doubles and massive underground tunnel infrastructure? What evidence have you seen to support these claims? I am not saying he didn't do horrible things, just that I would like to see more evidence. This shouldn't be hard if it was as widespread as they claimed. I think the extent of his cruelty and power was exaggerated for control reasons. ..would you mind telling us who you are <_< That was me. oh I C, coolies... where have you been?!?! Its been a while since you posted something!! I thought you were struck under some heavy @ss barbells or something. Hey I'm laughing.. I got stuck under a pair once for like 30 seconds :p ...wished it was a pair of nice big pestun... Yeah, that's happened to me before too! I just rolled it off. My Internet Explorerr was messed up so I installed Mozilla and everytime I come here I have to log in to post something so I normally just don't.
  25. I Amir to kill you

    World News

    Oh ok. Then with YOUR theory, he didn't have weapons. He didn't drop biological/chemical weapons on the Kurds, nor did he drop them on Iranians. That NEVER happened. The extent of his cruelty and power was definately NOT exaggerated. He invaded TWO countries, he murdered Kurds and shiite muslims (the majority of the Iraqi population) he DID torture people, hence the existence of torture prisons. People couldn't speak out or they were killed, their families were murdered. I know people who suffered under his regime. I don't know what kind of "evidence" you really want. Unlike the USA all the bad things that happened in that country were known by everyone but were not recorded. His own daughter and son-in-law fled Iraq. When they returned Saddam murdered his own son-in-law. I believe he was a monster and as such had to be removed. He had weapons when he attacked Iran and he used them in the Iran-Iraq, war. Yes he should be punished for that, and yes he should be punished for all the other crimes that he was responsible for. But did he keep those weapons? I don't think so. And the lack of evidence supports my claim. Did he engage in illegal and immoral acts against humanity? Yes he did, in some cases it's proven. Did he have torture chambers, rape rooms, numerous body doubles, ties to Al-qaeda, or vast stockpiles of WMDs? I haven't seen any evidence of it, anywhere near the scale of which it was projected. Unlike you however, I don't assume I know the truth. I'm not saying he didn't have these things, just that if he did we should be seeing more evidence reported than we have. Hopefully his trial will clear that up.