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  1. persianvenom

    proud persian ...

    hey people. just thought ide share sum pix i made.. hope u like em..
  2. persianvenom

    live tv links

    hey every one, i links for the following live tv channels so you can watch or record: itn 2 itn 1 - appadana pam tv bahaie tv pmi voa mardom tv didar markazi lahse anjomeh azadi plz tell me if i have permission to post them.
  3. hey pipz, download ma latest mix plz. arash - temptation remix http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FY7QI7AJ
  4. hey every one, this is ma 3 mix eva and pleas download it and tell me what u think of it???? thankz arash arash_boro az pisheh man mix
  5. persianvenom

    Bia2 DJs re-mix contest

    mer30 ramin jan, beferest bebinim hyal mikonim. lolz until then in mix ro download konin va bebinin hal mikonin ya nah. arash arash_boro az pisheh man mix