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    I am back

    How did you come to this conclusion?! mathematicly
  2. Ali_Boston


    no its not, im only 16
  3. Ali_Boston

    I am back

    wow ur gay
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    what do i do??? i go hook up with my g/f's best freind thats what i have done in the past
  5. Ali_Boston

    Persian or Iranian

    iranian all the way.......persian is for (.......)
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    New Report by I.R.I

    1) Capital punishment: 108 cases. 2) MPs facing court because of speeches: 45 cases. 3) Newspapers banned: 35 cases. 4) Torturing to death: 1 case. (And of course many more which haven't been included in this report) 5) Investigations on journalists: 343 cases. 6) Journalists jailed: 16 cases. 7) Journalists beaten upon arrest: 8 cases. 8) Press facing trial: 500 cases. 9) Students arrested: 4,000 cases. 10) Women's rights violation: 62 cases. 11) Political and social activists detained/jailed: 218 cases. 12) Killing protesters during demonstrations against Islamic Republic: 33 cases. 13) Websites filtered: 187 cases. Courtesy of Shahrvand newspaper, June 18th edition, Toronto. ( www.shahrvand.com )
  7. What would you guys like to see in a Modern, Anit-Theocratic Government. In other words, what would you liked changed?
  8. Ali_Boston

    Scary Movie (Persian Parody)

    Yo, there is a persian scary movie? Gotta see it