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    Go Random

    well say what you want about anything to do with music.
  2. dodo

    What is your persian habit?

    Do you have a wierd persian habbit that others (none persians) around you find it wierd?? if you do SHARE. for example: I eat yogurt (maast) with absolutely every thing. im telling you with EVERTHING.
  3. dodo


    OK guys. we have "l love" " i miss" " I dislike" Now time for I CRAVE: what are you craving now!!!!???
  4. dodo


    i have really wierd dreams. so i thought id share them with you. And you share yours. well last night i had a dream i had adopted a child it was a boy. and i named him dominic. it was a really sweet dream.
  5. dodo

    guess the song

    well this should be in the music section. but oh well this part of the forum is more popular. Now what you have to do is guess the songs. from a line of a well known song. the person who gets it. then posts up there lyrics. ill start, here is an easy one. Over and over, i look into your eyes........................
  6. dodo

    What Contenet are youfrom

    What is the most popular contenent here?
  7. dodo


    ok bacheha. I would like you guys to listen to this. He could be the next best persian Hip Hop producer. Its not iranian. But support him and listen to it. and would love to hear feed back. He is only 17 but pretty good in my views Bacheha be in goosh badeen.AR MUSIC CLICK HERETHanx
  8. dodo


    what does jigi mean. i think its in persian but couldnt tell you. pourya know. but he wont say.
  9. dodo


    ok. i was sitting here, reading through the post. And i was wondering to my self, none of these topics interest me any more, because i have read them over and over. So i thought why not. Im a total girly girl. Wich in my terms mean, i love cosmatics, Im addicted to shoes, And im a total shopeholic. But nothing beats all of this, when you find the PERFECT bargin. So i thought here is a great chance for all of us girls to get to know each other in the best way. We can share our thought on every thing, from what is the best mascara to what not to wear. So all girls in here please participate, Ill start by: Well tonight is thursday night and its late night shopping in australia. So as every thursday night i goshopping. But i decided to go locally. to the local shops around my area. Any way. i brought a nina rucci Face powder. it is brilliant. it has a really lovey flawless coverage on your face. but yet it feel so nice and light. like you are not wearing any cosmatic on your face. I totally recommend it to those whom have nice skin but yet they want to make it look perfect with out using too much foundation. I also brought this brown silky top with pink tiny poka dots, it looks like a lingere but yet its perfect under a suit. VERY Sexy. Hmm what else did i buy. oh yeah i brought neutrigena face exfoliating wipes. i usaully use the brand LUSH or AVEDA for my face. But it has ran out. and there is no lush store near me. TAlking about lush. Lush has this really lovely lip balm. that when you put it on. After a while it makes your lips stand out in its own natural coulor. it is the best lip balm. I totally recomend it. I dont even use gloss or any colour on my lips because this lip balm is the ultimate. It keeps your lips mostrized, its all natraul but yet so cheap and last so long. i paid around 10 australian dollars for mine. and ive had it over a year. considering i use it ever day. and i apply it 2-3 times a day. THAT lip balm is a MUST HAVE. Ok i think im loosing your consentration here. So you put in what you think is the best and worst. by the way, excuse any spelling errors and grammer errors, because im not proof reading this. Too long to read over. ***Please Keep this Thread Exclusive to the Topic!***
  10. dodo

    movie review

    Well guys yesterday i saw two movies. i saw Troy. we ended up walking towards the end. I found the movie really boring, And although they spent so much money on the movie, you think to your self could they not have done any better job of it. I dont really recomond the movie, enless you like ancient sawrd fighting. Through out the movie i some times felt like i was watching some classic 60's movie. there were barely any talking through out the movie. SO if the movie Troy is some thing you have been longing to see, be parpared to be disappointed. Id say wait for the video. And also there were too many aussie actors in it. And they could have done a better job by choosing another person for Helen. Over all. id give it a 1.5/5 The other movie i saw was Mean Girls. I was quite funny, Couple of very funny senes. But towards the end it started to be a bit of those movies that tried to get a message through. Its not too much of a teen flick, although the acting in it is really good. And well suited to the actors. id give it a 3/5. So guys please, disguss your latest movie that you have seen
  11. dodo


    guys when i watched this clip, my jaw was left on the ground, my eyes were in disblief. check it out. http://www.killsometime.com/video/video.as...ck-Head-Gangsta i couldnt believe idiots like this exists http://www.killsometime.com/video/video.as...ard-Wrestling-2 and this is one is just priceless. (very funny) http://www.killsometime.com/Video/video.as...astercard-Spoof
  12. dodo

    Adults only

    ok keano
  13. dodo

    Adults only

    keano we were on good terms. but then noch noch. you had to go and ruin it.
  14. dodo

    Adults only

    if you could get it as much as you "claim" you wouldnt be expressing your self in writing.
  15. dodo

    Good-Bye thread

    sweet dreams behy joony
  16. dodo

    I dislike...

    and what was mean about what i said b4
  17. dodo

    I dislike...

    i dislike bulshit artists.
  18. dodo


    na keano pesar bady shode, ejazeye bazy nadare.
  19. dodo

    Adults only

    lol "sucker". coz you are not getting it when you want it. maybe with your hand.
  20. dodo


    noooooooooo next sheytoon khanoom
  21. dodo

    Farsi word association thread

  22. dodo

    All Fashion related issues!

    what do you mean.
  23. dodo


    yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss next is sheytoonak.
  24. dodo

    All Fashion related issues!

    Most girls tell me Guys' shoes are one of the hugest elemnts of a turn on! so I always make sure I wear the right ones! ;) for your sake i hope your shoes dont match your pink shirt.