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    Getting more people involved.

    well mr amir i know how you feel. I dont understand it. lots of people read but dont reply. that is where the prolem is. if every one was a bit active, and put there 2 cents in. it would help and i think we should write in persion too.
  2. dodo

    First Persian HipHop click

    fekr kardam irooni bood, bad nabood, not bad. where is this group from?
  3. dodo

    persian Rap

    do you have a demo?
  4. Hi there. i would like to approach this title by bringing out some of bad iranian fashion over the past. i have seen some shockers in my time. but the worst was was in the early 90's when in iran for men, a kakol,silky/satin button up shirt with some bad design on it. mc hammer pants but extra tight and short. white sox and bad shoes with a bit of heal on it. i would like to ask every one out there to put what they call bad and embarassing, and even better post up some pictures. it would be good to have a good laugh, and bring back memories. thanx.
  5. "hey new to this forum" well number 2 is the rnb one, its called delam havato karde. and ofcourse i know mansour is comming. we rerely get any one to come down under. the concert is in 2 weeks and they still havnt started to sell tickets. But im really looking forward to go to the concert.
  6. dodo

    Lame Iranian internet users

    mmmmm, i think they would enjoy it.
  7. dodo

    embarassing bad iranian fashion

    amir>>>>>>>u said you fell a victim to it. do you have a pic you can post up?
  8. dodo

    embarassing bad iranian fashion

    amir agha, take it easy, relax man, take a chill pill. far out this forum was about bad fashion. what did you turn it into. you were talking so much bull that i couldnt even bother reading it. if you have some anger issue i suggest you start your own topic. and to the guy who suggested about the hair. I KNOW WHATCHA MEAN. lol. i think that is what they mean by a KAKOL. you know that bad mini afro that men had at the front. i think even some women were trying to achieve it back the. lol
  9. dodo

    embarassing bad iranian fashion

    i totally agree with you. no know seems to have any thing to say. it couldnt be more dead.
  10. dodo

    embarassing bad iranian fashion

    every one seems to be shy. common, put your comments in. or else its boring. say what you think. share some of those moments. dont be so dull and boring.