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  1. Maziar

    Happy Birthday Maziar

    Your not talking about me, right? :huh:
  2. Maziar

    :D BiG NEWS :D

    Call him "madarsag". Thats what you'll be calling him all the time anyways, when he dumps a load on your couch, pisses in your bed and ruins the rest of your house with its crazy nails.
  3. Maziar

    Trafic rules

    Hehe, i know i know, they drive like idiots. But there must be som rules, how else do they clear up accidents and such? I still think the most used rule is "the one who gets there first....."
  4. Maziar

    Trafic rules

    I dont quite know how the rules are in Iran, and was wondering if anyone know of any sites with explanations in it?
  5. Maziar


    http://rapidshare.de/files/36775783/Sepideh.mp3.html Haha, so funny! May be old, but still fun
  6. Maziar

    Iranian music

    Ill check that out, thx
  7. Maziar

    Iranian music

    Salam khahar va baradar Is there any place I can order iranian music (cd's that is) online? I currently live in Norway! Merci for any help I get! EDIT: Crap! I posted this in the wrong category! Sorry
  8. Maziar

    How girls cheat in exams... MUST SEE This

    Took me a while before I saw that note lol
  9. Maziar

    Anaconda eating... Is this real plz tell me

    Its real alright, those things has been catched eating humans, deers and ever frickin panthers :blink:
  10. Maziar

    I Feel Like...

    Ill change station ;) thanks for the chat in PM, made me feel better
  11. Maziar

    I Feel Like...

    Well thats me the couple of last days...Ive been listening to "IranianRadio - Traditional", its so beautiful, but it makes me feel so sad and when im already sad i just cry and cry
  12. Maziar

    I Feel Like...

    I feel like crying, ive never been this lonely my entire life...
  13. Maziar

    ~~Send Your Love~~

    My tears goes to Sid Barrett this day...
  14. Yeah baby, its in our blood :bl