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  1. Hi, I'm trying to contact the advertising of bia2, but the email does not go through. Is there another way I can contact them? Thank you.
  2. arash_zlord

    Religions in Iran

    Hello Reginashwartze, I hope I can answer your question and am glad that you are interested about Iran. Zoroastorianism is the original religion of Iran still being practiced today. It is noted to be the first monotheistic religion in the world. Despite being called a polytheistic or dualistic religion, actual Mazdeic Zoroastorianism is strictly a monotheistic religion ( Zurvanism, another old iranian religion, was a dualistic religion). Zoroastorians believe in only one God, one all powerful universal force, of all good and happiness. The Zoroastorian name for God is Ahura Mazdaa, but had different variations of that name such as Mazdaa, Yazdaa, Yazdaan, Baga, Ourmazd, etc. The prayer houses (churches) for Zoroastorians are called Fire Temples (Atash Kade). Fire is the most holy aspect to Zoroastorians, this being not because they worship the fire, but it was the symbol of light, cleanliness, and purity. Zoroastorians believed that fire was the closest thing to Ahura Mazda. When the angel Surosh came down to Zoroaster (the prophet of Zoroastorianism, Zartosht in farsi) he gave Zoroaster two things, the tree of life and the holy fire, which must be lit forever. That is why the fire in the fire temples never go out (if I am not mistaken). There were variations of Zoroastorianism. The Original Zoroastorianism which was practiced during the Acheminid dynasty and before and still practiced today, and the Zoroastorianism practiced during the Parthian/Sassanid dynasties. The Zoroastorianism practiced during Parthian/Sassanid dynasties was still monotheistic, but becuase of Greek and Roman influences many aspects of Zoroastorianism, such as the Yazatas and the Amesha Spentas ( Amshaa Sepentaan) became more angelic creatures, when originally they were really essences and the Daevas became demonic creatures when originally they where sins. For example take Druoga, which was a sin of lying and doing drugs then became the demon of lying and doing drugs. Zoroastorians have a three rule guidance philosophy which is the complete essence and root philosophy of the religion which are: Good Words/Speaking (Goftar e nik), Good Thoughts (Pendar e nik or Andishe e nik), and Good Behavior (Kerdar e nik). They also believe that everyone has a guardian angel/spirit known as Faravahar which also after the person dies becomes that Farvahar. Zoroastorianism impacted the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) alot and have many similar aspects; such as they believe in: A version of Adam and Eve (Mashia and Mashiane), A devil type creature of all evil (which also was originally a sin) (Angru Manyu or Ahriman), angels, the afterlife, and the end of the world. Compared to the Abrahamic religions though, God in Zoroastorianism is portrayed much more calmly and peaceful than to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. To answer your second question, I can't see why not believe in Zoroastorianism while being of a different religion. I am a Muslim but use Zoroastorianism as a philosophy for me and believe Zoroastor as a prophet. To tell you the truth, Zoroastorianism is a part of Iranian culture today. Iranians have integrated Zoroastorianism with Islam for themselves, for example we use esphand, which is a type of essence put into the fire, and still celebrating traditional Iranian holidays such as Nowruz, Yalda, and Mehregan, etc. Other religions from Iran include: -Zurvanism -Mazdakism -Maniism -Anahitaism -Mithraism -Babism -Baha'ism I hope this answers your questions and I hope I answered correctly. Sorry if I left something out or made any errors; please feel free to correct me.
  3. arash_zlord

    What`s ur religion?

    I just want to reply to all those very old posts stating that islam is only an arab religion or zoroastorianism is only an iranian religion. Here is the deal, religion/belief/philosophy is for anyone and eve ryone who chooses to follow that belief, it is not pertained to a particular culture. if islam is only for the arabs and zoroastorianism only for iranians, then christianity is only for the middle easterners and southern europeans, hinduism and bhuddism only for the indians, and so on and so forth. But, as we can see, that is not the case. Religion is for anybody, and everybody should have and has a right to follow any religion he/she wants tI should also note another reason for my statement is because we shouldn't forgot that we are all apart of the human race. We are all brothers and sisters (not literally) and we all (all cultures and countries) have something to give to each other. We are all humans, wether we are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Zoroastorian, Bahai, Hindu, Bhuddist, Agnostic, Atheist, etc. That being said, I am a muslim (trying to become sufi), yet loves and uses other religions as my own philosophy (especially zoroastorianism, and east asian philosophies).
  4. This is a vpod documentary about Bhutan (a kingdom between China and India, and a place I would really love to visit) and how they are coping with these new western ideals that have been introduced to their country. This is a big eye opener not only about learning new places but how democracy and westernization is influencing the world around us. After you watch this I would like to know how you liked it and what is your opinion on the issues brought up. The doc. is called LOST IN DEMOCRACY. http://current.com/items/88884836_lost_in_democracy?xid=55
  5. arash_zlord


    here is an interesting article: http://www.rferl.org/featuresarticle/2007/...A1EC610C67.html
  6. arash_zlord


    Hmmm, I see your point. But, I should say, that sufis do not at all worship people, that is the opposite their philosophy, which is to get closer to the divine and feel the love of God (or as they put it). It is true that they can bring up there teachers to almost a sainthood statis and comemorate famouse and great sufi pirs, but that isnt to say that they "worship" them.
  7. On the contrary I believe if you do some unbiased research and scrutinize the entire situation of the current Iran and Iranians you will find yourself utterly shocked and amazed by how this atrocious IRI is being despised by the large majority of Iranians both inside and abroad! All you need to do is to borrow some night vision goggles so that you may view the truth in your own dark backyard! wrong. go do research in Iran, talk with Iranians, and discover the reality of the situation. i'm not saying go talk to the guys with rooster haircuts, or the girls with oversized sunglasses, fake gucci bags, and a rat sized dog in one arm; in other words, not the treasonous westoxified ones who's only wish is to escape Iran and join america with their own kind....but talk to true Iranians, nationalist Iranians, educated Iranians, proud Iranians. you'd also be surprised at how many despise those who fled the country in time of revolution or war. many of them don't consider those abroad Iranian, nor would they want any association with them. westernized Iranians in Iran are the minority...if you want the truth, communicate with those who still possess their Iranian identity. I have been to many places in iran and have talked to many people of all types: old - young, modernized - religous. I've been to big towns and small villages. You will be suprised that it is on the contrary to what you are saying aryanam. Now let me tell you, I do live in the west (USA in fact), do I support the west? hell no. Am I pro-shah? Not at all ( I am pro Mossadegh, though he did step down too easily). I hate the American Government and the IRI. ( I stay here because of more "freedom," freinds, family, and grew up here). In fact I believe most of the governments of the world are corrupt and do nothing to help it's people ( thats the West and IRI included). I am muslim, and proud of it. Now why have I gone on to a little tangent and off topic? Just so you can know a little about and don't seem I am "brainwashed." now let me ask you a question my friend aryanam. Have you ever thought that you might have been brainwashed?
  8. arash_zlord


    I just want to see your views on sufism/darvishism. Do you like sufism? Do you think that it is right/wrong? Do want to become sufi? what sufi tarighats (schools) do you know about? etc. etc. Personally, I love Sufism and am trying to become a sufi. I am a very spiritual person and have many similar views with many sufi philosophies. Sufism has been a big part of our culture and there are many famouse iranian sufis such as Rumi, Hafez, Shah Neimatullah Vali, Moshtagh Ali Shah, Nur Ali Shah, and many more. So, what are your views?
  9. I am very AGAINST. A "government" who supresses free thinking, forces people to do things that they are uncomftorable doing, arrests and kills people for a stupid reason, and does many other evil actions, especially in the name of religion, wether it be Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Zorastorianism, or whatever, has no right to call themselves a Government.
  10. arash_zlord

    Judaism Vs. Zionism

    I geuss i stand nuetral, but let me tell you who i stand for, i stand for both those innocent isrealis and palestinians/arabs who want peace. I stand for both those Isreali and Palestinian/arab mothers, fathers, sons/daughters, freinds who have all lost loved ones and want this stupid, political, nonsense fighting to stop. I am against Zionism and Hamas. So um..... yah, there's my view.
  11. arash_zlord


    I saw this movie with my parents a few nights ago and loved. I learned a little bit of what not only my mom but the whole iranian community (in iran) went through during the 1979 revolution and the Iran vs. Iraq war. My mom started crying in some parts of the movie because it brought back some bad memories. I saw some other Iranian folk crying also. By the way, the movie is in french. If you want a more detailed view of Marjane Satrapi's view than read the comics. I want to see if anybody else has seen this movie and what they think about it.
  12. arash_zlord


    Welcome Sayna!!! Hope you like it here, its a great place, especially for learning farsi
  13. arash_zlord

    what do you think about kurds?

    Excuse me if i am wrong, but arent the "kurds" and the "persians" both of the indo-iranian or "aryan" stock? Arent the kurds and persian an iranian people( i mean ethnically not nationally)? Arent the kurds from the Ancient medes, who were an iranian empire? Wasnt Cyrus the great half Kurdish mede and half pars? If it werent for the kurds, there would be no iran, there would be no "Kourosh e bozorg." I love the Kurds and the other iranian peoples (and all other cultures in the world). the Persians, Kurds, and all othe iranian peoples are all brothers, (and offcourse everyone in the world are brothers and sisters). So ya, i really like the kurdish people, i actually am trying to learn kurdish. And don't worry alot of arabs are mean to us too.
  14. arash_zlord

    *Your religion*

    I am shia, but im trying to become sufi (not the darvish kind), i love mysticism and esotericism.
  15. arash_zlord

    Hello, I'm a Latinamerican guy

    Hola! Bienvenidos! Hablo un poco pero hago aprender. Ust. va a tener muchas diversión aqui. Welcome! If it's not a problem, i am actually looking for help with my espanol. Welcome, or as we in parsi "khosh aamadi!"