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  1. Goftam.com Pretty cool site! It compiles news and editorials JUST about Iran, and displays them up to the minute.
  2. persianitboy

    what did u do 2day??

    slept until noon and then went to work all day :p
  3. persianitboy

    If you had $100,000

    i think i'd invest in a house too... that's probably the best thing to do.
  4. persianitboy

    If you had $100,000

    but could only spend it on ONE item. What would you buy?
  5. persianitboy


    merci everyone! thanks for the welcome
  6. persianitboy


    i've been here for a little while now, but i read more than post. just thought i'd say hello to everyone
  7. persianitboy

    Rate the avatar above you!

    Back to the avatar...
  8. persianitboy

    Music wanted Help

    someone here wrote about axiom of choice, but no one else seems to have heard of them. yes, they are a tad traditional, but there's a lot of cool western elements involved. anyone else like them?
  9. persianitboy

    what are you listening to

    Axiom of Choice... I love this group! So surreal and calming.
  10. persianitboy

    Do Iranian girls talk dirty?

    Hey long time since i've been on. Hmm, it's been my experience that no, they do not talk dirty, but they are all around bitchy to compensate. haha
  11. persianitboy

    Persian's have the most beautiful eyes

    I've noticed Persian girls typically dump black mascarra on their eyes to bring them out. half the time it looks like someone punched them. ha
  12. persianitboy

    English Phonetics in Farsi

    Even if you add a few words, it'll help
  13. persianitboy


    would it be too much trouble for someone from orkut to send me an invite? persianitboy[at]aim[dot]com merci!
  14. persianitboy

    Because I'm beyond bored

    I'm glad you guys like it. hahaha