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  1. I just found this on youtube. apparently they have recently had an interview with Shabkhiz where they address their fans about their interview, theres a few parts to it this is part one <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=" name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object> apparently their "American Market Team" suggested that they beat around the bush about their nationality until they get a record contract with an American record label.
  2. They have to face the music sooner or later if they ever want to have a release or perform for the persian market (which apparently happens to be a set date of Thanksgiving Eve in Los Angeles at The Great Western Forum with Ebi). I can say i will be anxious to see their next "Uncut" interview with Alireza Amirghasemi! LOL
  3. Last week i attended Andy, Afshin, and Arash's concert that they had together in Los Angeles. To be honest, Andy and Afshin's performances were mediocre and definitely not the best i've seen them Arash closed the show (im sure Andy was pissed about this) with a monumental performance. There was so much energy and enthusiasm at the famous Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, it was truly amazing. One thing that Arash did notably was mention (over and over again) how much he loves his home country and the people from his country. It was one of the most humble performances I have ever seen from an Iranian artist. He mentioned countless amount of times that the only reason he is successful is because of the backing of his own people. He was grabbing people's cameras from the stage and taking pictures of himself. Interacting with the audience. At the end of his performance, he even mentioned that whoever wanted to take a picture with him is more than welcomed to do so, if they come on stage. As hundreds rushed the stage, i dont think i have ever known of any singer of any caliber to make such a statement at such a huge event. As famous as Arash has become on an international level, he has always made a very clear case about where he is from and what his culture is. Even when it is quite obvious that Warner Bros. Music has painted a picture of Arash, through his music and pictures, of an Indian/East Asian background, he has never denied his Iranian background. It is clearly stated on his website of his Persian heritage and even made the Iranian Soccer anthem of the 2006 world cup. No matter what market you are trying to get into, i believe there is no excuse to deny your heritage and where you come from. Arash has never done it. Serj Tankian of System of a Down has never done it. Other mainstream artists such as Nelly Furtado (who is ironically really a Canadian but not shy about her Portuguese background/citizenship) have also not denied their heritage. I am a big fan of Kamran and Hooman, i have bought their albums, went to their concerts and supported their music. I think when they were interviewed they did not know that their interview will even be viewed by anyone, much less become an internet phenomenon. They said the wrong things at the wrong time about the wrong people. Many Iranians, expatriates or not...have a strong connection to their heritage and believe it is absurd to deny ones culture. Although I do not believe Kamran and Hooman deserve this big circus of accusations against them, they do owe the Iranian Community an apology.
  4. someone wrote this on a comment under the video on youtube it was pretty funny.... "i have never seen such a blatant example of "vatan forooshy" in my life. these pathetic excuses for men have used iranians and the iranian market to achieve whatever minuscule success they have, and yet they are ashamed to admit that they are iranian. oddly enough none of my noniranian friends have heard of these "international superstars." i'm done with them. p.s. hey douchebags, before you try to convince us that you're canadian how about u learn to speak english or french properly first."
  5. Kamran and Hooman have always been the most humblest of artist in the Iranian community. If you see them on persian TV and at events, they always respect their elders and are very humble to their fans. Living in the valley in Los Angeles and seeing them here and there around town, ive also seen them show great class in real life. I first saw this video clip a couple of months ago. The first thing that came to my mind is that they seem too excited. They almost seem kind of too happy to be there and it makes them look a little corny to be honest. Compare that to their comfort within the Iranian limelight. They kind of dont even know what to say in this REAL Hollywood atmosphere. In Farsi terms...khodeshoono sangin neshoon nemidan. and it doesnt feel like the Kamran and Hooman that we've known to enjoy and hope for their success.
  6. arya818

    what are you listening to

    timbaland's whole album is amazing
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    this new bahador song, yahoo...now thats what you call a nice remake. a new twist to a classic its gonna be on blast in my car in about 5 minutes
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    i swear to god...im making a Farez diss track...
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    wow what a shame first of all these guys are just straight up selling out shame on andy and korous for selling out with them. i love andy can't wait till he comes back with another effort like "Platinum" just seems like he's selling out too much lately Alireza Amirghassemi just needs ***edited out*** and stop ***edited out*** wife and do something positive for the persian community this is just an embarassment on a song that i grew up listening at family parties as a kid R.I.P. Niloufar ----------- WARNING:In our forum we dont discuss such private aspects of anyone's life! Reconsider!
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    what are you listening to

    hinder - better than me
  11. arya818

    what are you listening to

    Timbaland Feat. One Republic - Apologize off of his new album Shock Value
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    Comments on new iranian releases

    i hope you're joking
  13. arya818

    Comments on new iranian releases

    it seems as if material just keeps getting recycled....videos, tracks, lyrics
  14. arya818

    benyamin in sweden

    the majority of the songs on the 85 album are not! ashegh shodam, loknat, khatereha, etc, these are all good songs, not songs that make you wanna cry a river :S it was not good, i was truly disappointed! he didnt even know the lyrics to his "taraneh va kalame" song, so he read off a piece of paper! PLUS you guys wont believe what he did! he actually stopped in the middle of his "man emshab mimiram" song and said: "ye lotfe kochiki daram, mishe lotfan in ahangaro khodam bekhoonam? choon in ehsaashaaye manan, bla bla bla bla bla" so basically he told his audience to stop singing along and just shut up and listen! wowww and i thought the LA singers were stuck up and conceiteddd