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  1. I just sent a complaint to the BBC asking them to retract their news article and to give actual facts rather then fake BS. I suggest we all do this and see if they actually reply. _The_Kam_
  2. Hashemi - The point is that these are verses written about Islam and believed by millions of people. Can you name verses from another religion which speaks so harshly about not believing what they believe? I doubt you'll be able to find anything and that is my fundamental problem with Islam. If people want to believe in something else and burn in hell that’s their choice and other people believing in Islam need to let them be and believe what they want and stop acting all high and mighty. Makes me think of something I read once. Clarity of self and understanding of self come with understanding of yourself and the people and the world around you. Denying other religions and other beliefs keeps Islam away from clarity and understanding. _The_Kam_
  3. NO! No You've asked a good question here. Here are my thoughts. God is meant to be an all knowing, all compassionate, all forgiving, and all powerful being correct? I think most will agree with this so lets continue. How can god be those things yet say such unforgiving things? And even if God wants to burn someone in hell for not believing in him isn't that something that God will deal with rather then having people kill and do such horrible things in his name? Makes me wonder who ends up in hell? People that try to interoperate God's wants and end up doing something that hurts another of Gods creation or those who do something against Gods word? _The_Kam_
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    Math and Religion

    Sorry I haven't been able to reply earlier but here I go with my reply to everyone's thoughts to keep this wheel rolling. x)SaRa(x – I like that saying its pretty close to my little idea here. Makes you think… Why don’t people want to be a part of the majority? MeehanDoost – I agree with you that there are more tolerant religions then others and I’m actually quite shocked to read the quotes you cited. I have always believed that my morality comes from my soul and effects me from within. But reading what you wrote showed me that many people’s morals come from a book and words written by others rather then from within. I didn’t grow up in a forced religious life so I’ve never been able to understand how people can put so much weight and belief and life into written words of man from hundreds of years ago which has nothing to do with life on earth today. Its pretty scary to think of children living in a country which forces them to read those words and tells them they are true and perpetuate this belief in hate and separation of man kind as a whole. I’m starting to see now why countries such as Iran and China whish to control the internet in their countries so to halt such ideas like this which forces people to reconsider what they have been told all their lives. Alangoo – I agree with your point on finance and how its used by the heads of state to hurt people of their own nation to advance their wealth as well as point the blame to other nations and religions saying that they are to blame. I’m not so sure I agree with you on the fact that people would find something else if you removed religion. To me religion was great in the beginning. Religion helped spread knowledge of writing and reading and in the beginning they had good ideas about acceptance and such but as people like to say, “all good things must come to an end” and that is what seems to have happened with religion. The good things about religion seem to have come to an end. I’m not saying that is a totality of course there are good people which do good things in the name of their religion but I believe good people could still do good things without religion. People do have an innate want to belong to something that is better then others and that is another reason why religion has flourished. You can even blame this on the superiority complex which men have. But I also believe that with education people can learn about these innate wants and learn to deal with them. Just because we know we have a flaw doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work on resolving it. You guys are definitely right about passion and beliefs and its and I hope I don’t come off as the guy that hates religion and is trying to change everyone’s mind because I’m really not. I’ve just been having a sort of inner turmoil about religion and what my stance should be and for some reason I turned to math. I’m just trying to get some more thoughts on it to help me understand myself better. Well this is enough for one night so give me your thoughts did I make any sense? Lol _The_Kam_
  5. First post here so be gentle. I've been asking friends this question for some time and no one has been able to give an answer that even they believe. So here is the question. How can any one religion be right or accurate or even good for humanity when there is no one religion which brings more people together then it separates? I came to this question after a math class on set theory and it’s been bugging me for some time. Can't say I believe in GOD or a higher being. I believe we are responsible for what we do and what happens to us. No one to pass the blame to, or thank but yourself so be proud of yourself and take responsibility for what you do. Or at least that’s what i think. Let me know if this sparks other questions in your mind because it certainly has been with me. _The_Kam_
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    Let me know what you think about the question on this post. http://forum.bia2.com/index.php?showtopic=2944