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  1. Born Muslim----still 100% Muslims. Muslim*
  2. Asaly


    lol. sorry I just assumed everyone was Muslim since majority Iranians are Muslim... i'll add another option. if I knew how...
  3. Asaly


    Omids--- yay!! :yeah:
  4. Asaly


    Omids--- Technically Shias pray 3 times a day. Because we do our afternoon and night prayers in pairs. Sunnis spilt them up thru out the day... ohh yaa... Alhamdulliah for you!! For praying to Allah (swt). btw did your problems clear up after you started asking Allah to help you and guide you?
  5. Asaly


    haha...no I don't preach ppl...not at all. If ppl have questions about Islam i'll try to answer them but I won't go off telling them they are going to hell cuz thats just plain wrong. I'm not an extremist.
  6. Asaly

    Hey anyone from California?

    I live in cali 30 mins from LA
  7. How many of you persians are religious? How religious are you? I'm not just a shia, I'm a shia with a mission. :yeah:
  8. Asaly

    Prayer Quote

    "If a prayerful person knew to what extent he was surrounded by His Mercy, he would never raise his head from (the state) of prostration." - Imam Ali(A)
  9. Asaly

    Love letter

    Far into the lands of magical…..a hidden Island found golden sand, shining path…..surrounded with infinite ocean waves covering footprints…..intimate breaths heard…..whispers sores spirits a touch of dusk…..ebb at peak….a story of amour with you…oh such emotions ! Wrapped into innocent love…..your majesty conquering my mind your eyes putting me under spell…..submitting myself to you the smile of yours raptures my essence…..take me…oh so high.. seeing heavenly castles…..you make me fly Floating on clouds…..watching your being….lifting my very soul eternal ponds streaming forth…..ecstasy of lilac light your company tingling my senses….devouring me whole diving into the boundless sea….within hard core shells, precious pearls of white found I await you in the middle of dark…. love letters written, with the ink of rose…..a smoke of musk under moonlight….deepest pleasure felt….beyond human nature wildest fantasies brought alive….making us come together Melodies of heart…..an elegy of love undress….let me behold beauty beyond phenomenon tunnel visions manifested…..inner secrets unfolds passing away in your presence….my life in everlasting song
  10. Agreed. It is the womans choice. I heard most men...when they are looking for a potential spouse they want a hijabi girl. True or myth?
  11. Hijab is also forces the men to look inside of the girl not outside of her. It also teaches the women to have respect in herself then to show her body to every male that walks by her.