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    iranian singers Vs L.A (iranians)

    with benyamin, fereydoon and esfahani my fav singers at the moment are from iran
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    i love his songs. he looks hot as well ;)
  4. sheytoon_bala

    I need help with finding a persian actor

    hmmm... Mohammad Reza Golzar or Bahram Radan
  5. sheytoon_bala

    Comments on new iranian releases

    AWSOME track! :happy_wft: love this song !!!
  6. sheytoon_bala

    benyamin in sweden

    my cousin was there and she said it was a great concert. :dance_baby_wft: i guess in the end its again all abt personal taste...
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    justin timberlake - sexy back
  8. sheytoon_bala

    Comments on new iranian releases

    Hmm, if you don't like the new Khodeshe album, then you must have not liked Javooni either. I love Nooshafarin's album. Compared to her last disaster, this album is gold. i didnt like the last one too much neither, but i think it was better than this one. agree with you on nooshafarin. decent album, the last one was really bad.
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    Comments on new iranian releases

  10. sheytoon_bala

    benyamin in sweden

    so no benyamin ???
  11. sheytoon_bala

    Comments on new iranian releases

    i dont like the new habib and mohamad album. i liked their last album much better and i really have to say this mohamad boy cant sing. weak album. 2 out of 10 nooshafarin wasnt really great either, but i liked her duett with shahyar 6 out of 10 saeed mohammadi - i really love his diyar song and arezoo is also good, 7 out of 10
  12. sheytoon_bala

    benyamin in sweden

    benyamin will give a concert in sweden. :DD im sooo happy to see him live !