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    Pahlavi Girls Are Hot

  2. cameron2and

    hope its not a repost

    Video is funny as hell How Not to Date a Persian Guy Part 1 http://youtube.com/watch?v=JfWwOw1xXNU&feature=user Part 2 http://youtube.com/watch?v=NzVMNYQCuOA&feature=user
  3. cameron2and

    Answer and ask the next person

    my father never had the time to teach me farsi when i was younger, he was collecting that bank roll instead, so i have no idea what u just asked Q: where the hell are the atlanta persian chicks?
  4. cameron2and

    hope its not a repost

    there is no language, thats why i BEEPED them out... in case of kids, thought we were all adults... my fault
  5. cameron2and

    hope its not a repost

    what the f*ck is this, no f*cking replies... f*cking Irainians...
  6. cameron2and

    question question question

    Are there any good persian magazines for guys that the content is in english?
  7. cameron2and

    website owners

    I am going to create a website soon, its hopefully going to be successful. I will be making money through google adsense, and other ads. Sites such as, collegehumor.com and ebaumsworld.com make over 10 million a year. They were both started out by college students. Im not saying im going to make 10 million a year, im just pointing out their successes. I would be happy if I made 100 bucks a day because I am a college student and sitting on my Azz will be fun :-) Do any of you guys own a website that has successful money making ads? If so, how much do you make?
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    hello my fellow iranians-persians, today is the day i introduce myself, ill start with saying my name, Cameron... and what is your name? ha
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    oh wow
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    oh sorry, so where is everybody from, im from Atlanta.
  12. cameron2and


    what, do i look like a crackhead in this picture? gain some weight? ha thats funny
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    say what
  14. cameron2and


    im reppin Atlanta, there are barely any persians around, dammmn it sucks
  15. cameron2and


    holler back girls ;-)
  16. cameron2and

    my fellow persians

    what up peoples, questions, where are the ATLANTA persian ladies at??? do i have to move to cali tommorow to go see them or what? persian pride
  17. cameron2and

    my fellow persians

    persian ladies?? i dt see any persians in here...only IRANIANS... same Shoot, PERSIANS-IRANIANS, OWN THE WOLD BIATCHESSSSSSSSSSS