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  1. DJ Tehrani

    Case of Missing Identity!

    good question, maybe he did ask to have it changed because i didn't ask for permission to remix his song. i thought people enjoyed having their music remixed!
  2. DJ Tehrani

    Case of Missing Identity!

    Earlier this week I submitted my latest remix to a couple of Iranian websites (including this one!) and a couple of Iranian-based sites also picked it up. But the problem is, the song was relabeled incorrectly! Instead of being labeled as a remix, it was labeled as a "new version" of the song, as if the artist themselves created it! I'm pretty sure the intention was right though, and I'm glad it will reach out to more people :clap2: So if you see this.... It's really this... end rant :bl
  3. DJ Tehrani

    Jennifer Lopez dancing with an Iranian Man

    what? thats Luis Galli, a peruvian
  4. A friend of a friend suggested me this new startup artist who is more of a classic music genre performer but he also makes his own trance remixes of his songs. He is very new, and that's why there isn't much content. I've gotten in contact with him because I wanted to use his remix of Tolou for my pre-party mix while everyone is getting in. He told me there is more to come and I'm just spreading the news just in case anyone is also interested. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Amir-Santoori/53645121773 (the song is found on the bottom of that page)
  5. DJ Tehrani

    Bia2 DJs re-mix contest

    sure im up for it too, but as dj nima said above, it would be better if we had to mix 2 given songs so there is a benchmark to test from
  6. DJ Tehrani

    Don't Listen To Ebi

    can u just explain what your sig says or implies? LOL sorry to go off topic, but i find that more interesting :eek_wft:
  7. DJ Tehrani

    Report Song Rip-Offs!!!

    Leila Forouhar's "Bi To Hicham" is a rip off of Anna Vissi's "To Poli Poli" (Greek)
  8. DJ Tehrani

    Report Song Rip-Offs!!!

    sarbel is the biggest aghab khor ever because all he does is rip peoples songs and doesn't give them any credit (i.e. Arash's "Boro Boro" which he sung in a buchered Farsi and CC's "Mi Chica" which he sings a little part in Greek and then TURNS OFF THE MIC and sings some giberish into it while the audience is hearing CC). he even steals CC's dance moves and makes them look kheily Bacheye bad!
  9. DJ Tehrani

    Comments on new iranian releases

    HAHA woops, i mean Pouya
  10. DJ Tehrani

    Comments on new iranian releases

    Shahryar's "Mirage" is definitely one of the strongest albums of 2008 along with Nami's "Forever", with Pourya's "Tasvir" following behind them. Afshin's new album is much more mellow than "Maach", as "Maach" was much more mellow than the one before it. What I mean by mellow is that there are more ballads and RnB than dance and party music. I think one of the best songs on the album is his duet with Nikos Vertis ("Zendegi Bi To"). Other than that, here is how I see all the other songs: 1. Delam Barat Halake - sounds like the follow-up to "Sheytoonak" or "Khosghel", both which had much more substance than this song 2. Dokhtare Aroosaki - sounds like the follow-up to "Maach" with little improvement 3. Khanom Khoshgele - "Dige Doostam Nadaari" v2 but I do like the little rapping aspect that Tohi added 4. Daram Miram - a pretty well structured RnB song that has potential 5. Ajab Shabie Emshab - a good Afshin-type song even though it was ripped from either an Arab or old Persian song because I've heard that melody somewhere else 6. Bavar Nakon - a weak rendition of "Az Inja Boro" which was a pretty good song 7. Gir Midadi - an unexpected trio that delivers a pretty decent hip hop song, but its not something that you could like listening to it once, it needs to be grown in lol 8. Fasle Akhar - a pretty good RnB type song with substance that Afshin seems to lack throughout most of the album 9. Ounshab - "Tak Derakht" v2... seriously, this is fourth song which was adopted heavily in composition from his previous work... 10. Gonjishke - another good RnB song which has a cool trance like element that should've been brought out more in the song 11. Song for X - a typical Afshin style ballad which turns out pretty weak compared to his older work 12. Last Kiss - a chillout-type song... which is totally surprising, but it offers a nice changeup since its a pretty relaxing song lol thats it, now i want to know if people agree!
  11. DJ Tehrani


    Is this Erfan in Shahyad's new MV??? lol
  12. DJ Tehrani

    Comments on new iranian releases

    his formula is still not old because it follows the formula he created for his last album, but if he follows and replicates it with this album, then it will be old
  13. DJ Tehrani

    Comments on new iranian releases

    shahyad's new song seems a little recycled... im not TOO disappointed because it still has a fresh element but i still have big confidence in him and afshin for two of the biggest cd's this year!
  14. DJ Tehrani

    Report Song Rip-Offs!!!

    also a follow up of a rip-off report i made a while ago... i said Juniors5's "Bemoon Baa Man" is a rip-off of a song which I couldn't name, but I finally found it! It's a rip-off of Aaliyah's "Are You That Somebody"
  15. DJ Tehrani

    Report Song Rip-Offs!!!

    Shohreh's "Naa Mehraboon" is a rip-off of Mustafa Sandal's "Pazara Kadar"!