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    I love Iran and I love to learn about it's history, literature, people, and everything about it. I also love cars and the beach, like watching movies and hanging out. <br /><br />I like intelligent people that can have a meaningful conversation, and hate stupid comments!<br /><br />I also love chocolate! lol can't resist it when its in front of me.
  1. MeehanDoost

    Please sign this petition against the movie "300"

    Listen, I don't want to argue here about the petition. If you agree with it, then please sign it. If you don't, then you are free not to sign it. That's all. I just wanted to post it for whose who agree to sign it. That's all.
  2. MeehanDoost

    Please sign this petition against the movie "300"

    I don't have any double standard. I have a standard, which is to protect my heritage and people from false statements and attacks. When there is a movie that shows Iranians/Persians as some out of this world animals and demons and calls us barbarians and is based on a scewed view of what truly happened, then yes, I will support petitions to fight against some propoganda, especially when this movie comes at a time in which there is high anti-Iranians sentiment, and this movie may be based in great part to increase such hatred and support some sort of a war against my country. So I say to all the people who are proud of who they are and their past, please sign this petition and do your part to fight against OUR demonization. Thanks.
  3. http://www.petitiononline.com/wpci96c/petition.html
  4. I think Blair's statements are baseless and without any merit whatsover. Afterall, the British and the IRI are very good friends and the British get a lot of goods and petrol out of Iran for cheap by having such an unpopular regime. I actually believe that the IRI staying in power has a lot to do with the support (although hidden) by the Eurpoeans, led by the British. In short, I think his statements are nothing more than just playing out a scenario or a game, and that his ultimate objecitve, by "engaging Iran and Syria" is to hold the regimes of such countries in power.
  5. MeehanDoost

    The Three Wise Men

    i donnu.. but magi are zoroastrian priests if i am not mistaken, and i have never heard them to be jewish..
  6. I prefer a secular, constitutional/parliamentary monarchy. I favor a republican form of gov't, but I also would like to have a symbolic monarchy overlay. I think framing the question as Monarchy vs. Republican MAY be misleading in that a monarchist gov't may not be democratic.
  7. Man meekhaham be hameye shoma jashnvaar-e mehregaan ra shaad baad begooyam. omidvaraam keh aanhayee keh mehr bar iran-zamin daarand, shaad, khoram, peerooz, behrooz, paayandeh, ostovaar va neekoo bashaand. Dorood bar shoma va dorood bar iran-zamin. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mehregan
  8. MeehanDoost

    A big break

    not a surprise, obviously. the us distorts everything in the name of "democracy" but the real meaning is to maintain hegemony and keep others from developing
  9. Kheili jaleb bood. Ravaaneh Shahanshah Aryamehr shad!
  10. MeehanDoost

    Reza Pahlavi - Shahs Son

    I dont think that's right. In the west, democracies have taken over 100 years to be where they are. I think that is sufficient time for the same to happen in Iran. I think a more accurate satement is that it is very unlikely that western style democracy will exist in Iran in our lifetime. But that does not mean we should not try and start a democracy and leave a better Iran for future generations.
  11. MeehanDoost

    Reza Pahlavi - Shahs Son

    I agree with most everything that you say. However, I would add that one positive reason to have a monarchy (parliamentary) is to further our traditions, which have been such for nearly 7,000 years. We have had some of the greatest kings in history (and some of the worst). Yet, I believe in a system that the shah is forced by a constitution to serve the people can achieve the balance of preserving and respecting our history and have a democratic gov't. By no means do I support a monarchy where the king has the last say. I support a system where the constitution tells the shah his role and the shah is limited by the constitution and parliament. But your points are very well taken.
  12. MeehanDoost

    Reza Pahlavi - Shahs Son

    Khaahesh meekonam geraami. Meedoonam chi meegee. Een mard faghat baraaye del khosh kardan be dard meekhoreh. Valy raastan heech kari nemeekone..
  13. MeehanDoost

    Reza Pahlavi - Shahs Son

    I agree that "Eshkal az saltanat-e moluk al-tavayefi-e nah chizeh digeh !" But there is a big difference from my prespective of a system of "Paadeshaahi" and one of "Saltanat." Saltanat is means to rule by force and dictatorship. The ideal of padeshaahi that I adhere to is one in which the shah serves the people and not rule over them by force. Perhaps a bit too idealistic. Anyway, I'd ideally like to see a parliamentary monarchy, and not a pure monarchy. But, hopefully if Iran is one day free, there can be a vote on what type of gov't the people want and that's what Iran should have.
  14. MeehanDoost

    Reza Pahlavi - Shahs Son

    From my persepective, a monarchist, I can say that I am extremely shameful of Reza Pahlavi. To be very frank, and I am very sad to say, he is a disgrace. I view his father and grandfather as true Iranians, patriots (esp. Reza Pahlavi I). When I see R. Pahlavi II not doing anything and just having a stupid office in D.C. and just giving out a few statements each year, I see him as a shame. Honestly, either stand up like your grandfather did or just get out of the spotlight. Stop putting stupid announcements that do nothing. You have so many supporters yet you do nothing. Honestly, he is a shame and a bigger shame when you know he is Reza Shah-e Bozorg's grandson. Shame on him. He is polluted with foreign influence. He is weak. He is a shame of a person who does nothing for his country -- and I truly mean nothing. If he does anything, it's negative b/c he plays with people's minds that he may do something yet he truly does nothing. "Shah-Zaadeh" from me to you, you truly are a weak figure and I wish that you would do something to make everyone proud. Even with me who has such a negatively view of him at this point, I would support him if he changed his attitude and became more like his grandfather. Wake up out of your dream and do something for your country. You do afterall acknolwedge when people call you "shah-zadeh". Have some responsibilty with that word. I think I said more than I wanted to say... But he is not "opposition" to anyone. I truely and sincerely hope that he changes his attitude. He is the most well known "opposition" figure or at least one of the best known and can do so much if he wants to. I truly hope that he does something positive for his country. Be Paa Kheez and make us proud.
  15. Many of us have heard of the three wise men or the three kings that visited Jesus when he was an infant. Today, I saw this program on the Discovery Channel that said they were Persian Kings, most likely Zoroastrian. I found this to be very interesting and wanted to share. If you guys like, you can go online and read upon this just by search Three Kings and Jesus, or the Three Wise Men. Wikipedia says: