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  1. 1. LOVE the show Americas Next Top Model :wub:


    2. BIG fan of Wrestling!!!! (Hey cactus jack :rolleyes: )


    3. Want to become an actor


    4. Write poems when im sad, angry, hurt, happy


    5.The reason i like Shadmehr is because: Everyone say we look alike...so i listened to his music. and GOT HOOKED!! ...So yeah......i look like Shadmehr :wub:


    6. Have a bad temperament


    7. Love brunettes :DD


    8. Affraid of the Loch ness monster :eek_wft:


    9. Love Persia......thats my home


    10. My favorite movie is Scarface

  2. hmmmm ...... It has to be cozy:)

    Like maybe..... rent a movie first.....the cuddle in the same blanket when your watching the movie.

    Have it alllllll dark, and try to stay close to each other. ;)

    Light a few candles, then when it gets LATE at night go for a walk outside..

    And just walk and hold hands...dont care what other people might say or think.

    Then sit down....on the ground...grass whatever.

    And lay on your back....still holding hands...and look at the stars..and tell each other how much you like each other.



    Question : Whats the thing you CANT live without?

  3. Hey everyone :dance_baby_wft:

    Im a new member here....looking forward speaking to you and getting to know you :)

    My name is Ramtin and im from Tehran....16 years old.....living in Sweden.

    Love Persian music...specially Shadmehr

    well......nice meeting you