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  1. Hero even if there are people around you?

    You still pull your shirt up ? :p :D



    na 1 thing i dont do is pull up my shirt when im outside ..even when i have people trying 2 pull up my shirt i dont


    but 1nce i had this friend of mine this gay guy aussie guy ..come pull up my shirt and then he called over 3 of his gf and they were like rubbing it ..that was funny ..i couldnt stop laughing ..


    heheheh .....admit it you liked it :;): ...HIGH FIVE!!! :k

    Khob hagh daran...:D :p

  2. I saw this show when they were going to speak with an english accent saying "Hellow governor, Lovely day isnt it?"

    Sounded sooo sexy they said it like "Alloooooow thea govenaaa...lavly daaaay....isnt i"

    :))) :clap2:

    hahaha where was that from? I remember that!


    Uhhhm...i didnt watch it!!!

    Just heard it :wub:.....uhhhm...Americas Next Top Model :wub: