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  1. It's a novel...about a boy who loses his parents in a fire accident.

    And he get's all this scars in his face and grows up with 0 friends. :(

    Then he gets put in a fosterhouse....and his new "mother" beats the crap pit of him :(

    Just a touching and poignant story :(

    But it's really good.

  2. I'm sending my love to Pourya :clap2:

    Last night i had a dream about you :)))

    Dont worry...not "those" dreams!

    Omadi khonamon ....gofti chai meil daram :)))



    Nakone tane to ham be amoo laboo khordeh? :haha:

    lol,,,, taneh man chera martikeh??? :punishing_wft:

    heheheheh :)))

  3. according to him its swedish so u must undersatnd it!Lol :haha:

    heehahahah :p :p That's swedish with malmö accent :damn:

    Cant stand that :damn:


    :no: :no: :no: :no: :no:


    We don't diss Malmöitiska!!! :punishing_wft: :punishing_wft: :punishing_wft:


    My girlfriend talks with a malmö accent.....so hearing it that much,...gets on your nerves :haha: