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    Khejli mamnoon be hamatoon
  2. Shadmehr

    Hottest Persian Girls

    Gogoosh is a queen :p I mean im not the biggest fan of her music.....quite frankly i dont listen to her music....but she sure as hell was pretty!!!!
  3. Shadmehr

    Ki ashegh shode..

    Na hichi Amma ....bazi mogheha man,....ye meghdar ghati mikonam.
  4. Im a lover.....I have different kind of love to everyone To my mom....my dad...my sisters. My relatives My best friend, my boys and girls at school.....my girl friend. Everyone...but in a different way
  5. Shadmehr


    Mehran Modiri is the funnies man in Persia today And midonestin ke ye CD porr karde? :blink:
  6. Shadmehr

    favorite anamated tv show

    Family Guy is the funniest....but i love Simpsons the most :silly_wft:
  7. Shadmehr

    Your Favorite PERSIAN Singer IS?...

    hahah this one is easy :silly_wft: Number one is Shadmehr!!!! Other ones i like is Jahan, Bijan Mortazavi, Pouya, Cameron Cartio
  8. Honestly az soob ke shenidam to MP3 gozashtam HEY daram goosh midam! Etefaghan....im listening to it right now :DD
  9. Shadmehr

    Do you believe in God?

    I belive in GOD Big Time :clap2: But still respect other peoples opinion
  10. Shadmehr

    10 things about YOU!

    1. LOVE the show Americas Next Top Model 2. BIG fan of Wrestling!!!! (Hey cactus jack ) 3. Want to become an actor 4. Write poems when im sad, angry, hurt, happy 5.The reason i like Shadmehr is because: Everyone say we look alike...so i listened to his music. and GOT HOOKED!! ...So yeah......i look like Shadmehr 6. Have a bad temperament 7. Love brunettes :DD 8. Affraid of the Loch ness monster :eek_wft: 9. Love Persia......thats my home 10. My favorite movie is Scarface
  11. Shadmehr

    Should girls pick up?

    Im so tired of ladies saying "ahhh thats a guys job!!!!" haha come on ladies....if that has to result in something special....both gotta be involved...not just the guys:)
  12. Shadmehr

    Hottest Persian Girls

    The most beautiful has to be Gogoosh in her young days
  13. Shadmehr

    Answer and ask the next person

    hmmmm ...... It has to be cozy:) Like maybe..... rent a movie first.....the cuddle in the same blanket when your watching the movie. Have it alllllll dark, and try to stay close to each other. ;) Light a few candles, then when it gets LATE at night go for a walk outside.. And just walk and hold hands...dont care what other people might say or think. Then sit down....on the ground...grass whatever. And lay on your back....still holding hands...and look at the stars..and tell each other how much you like each other. ............wow:) Question : Whats the thing you CANT live without?
  14. Shadmehr

    World Cup tickets

    You need a whoooole lot of luck to get the tickets...like my father. He got tickets for Iran vsPortugal AND Iran vs Mexico. what?....good news?.....no....thats not good news....why? Hes not taking me with him
  15. Shadmehr

    Ki ashegh shode..

    Man aslan in this point....nemidonam cheme? :sh sooo many problems. Aslan....i dont deserve my girlfriend
  16. Shadmehr

    shadmehr aghilis bia inja

    people people people...... ok i gotta admit this isnt his best song. But i still love the guy to death. And its not that Shadmehr is going to rap his whole carrer. I mean....hes just testing new stuff i guess. And there is no doubt in my mind that the PopCorn album is going to ROCK!!! :DD
  17. Wohooooow!!!!!! :eek_wft: Chi begam man? Bari kalla!!!! Kejf kardam Ramin. Vaghean karet doroosteh!!!!!! Mersi
  18. Shadmehr

    Hottest Persian Girls

    Hey guys heres a web site about persian models http://bodazey.com/persian_models.html
  19. Shadmehr

    Your fetishes!

  20. Shadmehr

    I love...

    I love music.....wrestling....movies.....Shadmehr....my girlfriend.....my family......and Internet :clap2:
  21. Shadmehr

    WhAt Is YoUr BiGGEST TuRn~oFf??

    Girls who are.....racist. And judge people before knowing them