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  1. Shadmehr

    Brit Slang

    Be proud ...it's sexaaaaay :p Ask Omid
  2. Shadmehr

    The IRANIAN name game!

  3. Shadmehr

    Brit Slang

    I saw this show when they were going to speak with an english accent saying "Hellow governor, Lovely day isnt it?" Sounded sooo sexy they said it like "Alloooooow thea govenaaa...lavly daaaay....isnt i" :clap2:
  4. Shadmehr

    Brit Slang

    yh sure...woteva. :yeah: woooeva haha That's how you say it over there :p...right? wooooeva :harhar_wft[1]:
  5. Shadmehr

    Brit Slang

    Girls speaking with english accent is really sexy :harhar_wft[1]:
  6. Shadmehr

    The IRANIAN name game!

  7. Shadmehr

    what are you listening to

    very niiiiiiice :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: *High Fiiiiive* :k
  8. Shadmehr

    /*/*/*/* C.S.I Crew In Bia2.com/Forum/*/*/*/*

    hahah now that's a good idea :haha: *High Five* :k
  9. Shadmehr

    Go Random

    haha exactly khodesho be sheklakaye mokhtalef avaz mikone in his new video :p :clap2:
  10. Shadmehr

    Post your baby pictures

    hahahahahah are Pourya bebin che tickei mishodam kidding :p Bale ammo gamboo bodam :p :p
  11. Shadmehr

    A Few Brutal Wrestling Clips

    Cactus you gotta see this one brotha :clap2:
  12. Shadmehr

    Words Association Game

    sooo...the word is now...noughty :p
  13. Shadmehr

    Go Random

    eeeeeeeeeeeeee thank you very much azizam!!!! :air_kiss_wft: :air_kiss_wft: :air_kiss_wft: :dance_baby_wft: :air_kiss_wft: Heres one back at ya
  14. Shadmehr

    The IRANIAN name game!

    adana....is that even a name? hahahahaa
  15. Shadmehr

    Name your "sts"

    Best movie : scarface Best actor : Al Pacino Best talent : Keisha Castle Hughes Best musician : Shadmehr Aghili Best girl friend : Sofie :gentleman_in_wft[1]: Best people : Members of Bia2 :harhar_wft[1]:
  16. Shadmehr

    Rate the avatar above you!

    Pourya gets a 9 for his avatar and an 8 for his siggi
  17. Shadmehr

    ~~Send Your Love~~

    dige Love zade shod in sofie enghdr vasash love ferestad Khob chie mageeeeee!!!! :harhar_wft[1]: :harhar_wft[1]: :harhar_wft[1]: :harhar_wft[1]:
  18. Shadmehr


    The cat is saying *High Fiiiiiiiive* :k How cool is that :clap2:
  19. Shadmehr

    Words Association Game

  20. Shadmehr

    Post your baby pictures

    hahahaha im sleeping Ghazvin style
  21. Shadmehr

    The IRANIAN name game!

  22. Shadmehr

    I Feel Like...

    Feel like whisstle :happy_wft:
  23. Shadmehr

    Emoticons reflect our mood