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  1. in Mademoiselle khanoome gol az ma khast sherkat konim maham goftim rooye maheshoono zamin nandazim zesht mishe :D


    so here we go midoonam dir shode ama screw u guys khodamo eshghe !!!!! lol




    Well my name is Shahab... 20 years old tazegia :D I like to make people laugh but i only laugh at funny stuff.... like the other day i was racing a girl (don judge me) and i saw the cup so i decreased my speed but the chick didn't see the cop and passed me i could see the pride in her face man!!!!! and u know the rest.... :))):))) thats why i love girls :D



    . Are you a team player / a good manager / a good leader?


    i'm more of a team player (Tanhaee pokhi nistim lol)



    . What are your weaknesses?


    Oh man I can't forgive



    . Where do you see yourself in five years?


    Well five years ago I thought i would be an engineer by now but look at me now lol well in five years i hope i will be done by school and enjoy the carp out of life





    . How do you feel about working overtime?


    its all about money




    . Can you work under pressure and deadlines?


    ohhhhhh yeah thats how we do it :D



    . How do you take criticism?


    Depends who criticizes me but overall belive it or not I'm always fine with it



    . If you were an animal, what would you be?


    Tiger ke hame Shahab Tiger sedam konan....

  2. well on bed was crazy enough for me lol


    are you serious?

    mageh pire mardi?



    lol na jaye dige be tooram nakhorde :D vaela kessi paye bashe maham paye eem :D


    pass ye kari bokon ke jaye dige be tooret bekhore.. hahaha.

    lool engar kheyli behet chasbide roo sinke khooneye amme he!!!!!!!! : :icecream: :icecream:

    ama roo cheshm az alan dige sakht dar talasham