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    What the hell is "TEST YOUR SKILLS?"

    :bl Dummies who fell once again for this shall be spanked hard! This was posted in Bia2 forums a while ago, and y'all played it, yet again fell for it!!!?? :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :punishing_wft:
  2. shahab_e_bahal

    Yak sawallllll

    just watch THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN
  3. shahab_e_bahal

    Comic Heros Turned Into Movies

    Batman Begins is one of my best movie that I've ever seen it had coooooooool music, sweet visuals, and also Christian Bale played so cool. It should have at least one oscar
  4. shahab_e_bahal

    Things not to say during Sex

    1-One hour later: do you find somethin? 2-what is that tatoo? "the pu*** is on the back"
  5. shahab_e_bahal

    favorite anamated tv show

    South Park; best ever in anamated tv show
  6. shahab_e_bahal


    Nobody cares huh? I didn't spend even 1 dollar for those film how about now? :silly_wft: :silly_wft: :dance_baby_wft:
  7. in my mind: Unfortunately that was persian and i think it was "Ye boose koochooloo" I thought on that film very much, and i found out nothing, i don't know what is the director of that film tryin to say? He owe me about 3 hours
  8. shahab_e_bahal

    Lyric kojost?

    I hate him but here we go: You'll Never Walk Alone http://www.parsimusic.com/song.php?IdAlbum=111 I'm the problem solver huh? :dance_baby_wft:
  9. shahab_e_bahal


    can u belive that i saw: king kong, aeon flux, 40-year old virgin, brokebeck mountain, walk the line, saw 2, the matador, batman begins, Mr & Mrs. smith, Four brothers, war of the worlds, lord of war, the incredibles, Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, hustle and flow, Wedding crashers, Deuce Bigalow 2, narnia, ...... and lot of more isn't amazing? because all of them were DVDRIP, and most of them are still in theaters. not most of them but most of them doesn't come in stores yet. ASK ME HOW? :dance_baby_wft: :dance_baby_wft:
  10. shahab_e_bahal

    Lyric kojost?

    I hate him but here it is: :silly_wft: Bijan Mortazavi - Faryad Faryad nazan ey ashegh man sedayatro darune ghalbe khod mishenavam dardra ta chehreye asheghe to ba zehne khod minegaram Faryad nazan ey ashegh faryad nazan Bi savab nist chenin faryadam bi gonah dar daame eshgh ofdadam che dorost o che ghalat zendegiye ham khodam ham toro bar bad dadam bi gonah dar daame eshgh ofdadam Agar ehsasamo mifahmidi ghalbeto dobaro mibakhshidi lahzeye payane in didaro ruze aghaze digar midi Age bihude nemitarsidam eshgho un gune keh hast mididam shayad in lahzeye ghamgine bedad ghalbamo dobare mibakhshid kash az in eshgh nemitarsidam Ma sezava agar geryanim unchenin khasteh o sargardanim ma keh daneste be daam oftadim chera az asheghi rugardanim Vakhti peymane delo mibastim gofte budim faghad ashegh hastim vali ba eshgh nagoftim harges az ru ine nabarabar hastim az ru ine nabarabar hastim Na gonah karim na bi takhsirim man o to bazicheye taghdimim har do dar biraheye bi rahme eshgh ba del o ehsase khod dargirim Bishtar az hamishe dustet daram gar che az asheghiyo ashegh shodan bizaram zire avare foru rikhteye eshgh az delam chizi namunde keh be to besparam To keh ham dardi mara yari bede be mane ashegh omidvari bede agar eshgh ba ma sare yari nadasht to be man ghole vafadari bede to be man ghole vafadari bede
  11. :dance_baby_wft: That was cool maaaaaaan :dance_baby_wft: