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  1. lolita37

    TV-SERIES (no spoilers!)

    I am loving 2 broke girls, Kat Dennings is one sassy and sexy mama who i look forward to watching every week
  2. lolita37

    TV-SERIES (no spoilers!)

    I really liked this but its been cancelled so stopped watching it
  3. lolita37


    Johnny English: Reborn, 1/5. I was dragged to this by my other half after losing a bet and he apologised after we saw it!!!! AVOID at all costs!
  4. lolita37


    True blood season 4 finale!!! AMAZING!!!!
  5. lolita37

    Foreign Movies

    Saw 'The Skin I Live in' last week and it was fantastic, and i would thoroughly recommend it! Banderas was the best he's been in years and its nice to see Almodover do what he loves! And man does he have an eye for the ladies, Elena Anaya is a vision with her goddess like body and angel like eyes, mesmerising you not only by her flawless skin but by her flawless performance also! An added favourite to my Almodover collection!
  6. lolita37


    FRINGE!! have been obsessed with this programme since i was introduced a few weeks ago and am watching a couple a night to catch up until season 4 on the 23rd Sept!!!
  7. lolita37

    Freddie Mercury

    Everyone needs to check out the Google homepage today and press play, they have done a fantastic animation to mark Ferydoun's 65th Birthday
  8. lolita37


    Monster Vs Aliens...Loved it!!! had so many LOL moments it was brilliant, I loved Stephen Colbert as president and his solo when meeting the alien probe robot :p Made for geeks of the 80s fright night movies!
  9. lolita37

    Kanye West what a loser!

    Obama ripped him a new one, which i found hilarious! If eve the president thinks your a 'jackass' then thats saying something about you! It was like kicking a puppy, poor girl was so shocked how much of an A**hole must you be to take away someone moment like that!
  10. lolita37

    America's/Britan's got Talent a joke

    I agree I hate this show especially as they allow singers, well what the hell is american idol or Xfactor for!! they should only allow actual talent acts no SINGERS!
  11. lolita37

    The Gay Test

    What I'm a woman!:p
  12. lolita37


    Matador!! I am ploughing my way through my almodovar collection and this was the most recent i have seen, and thought it was fabulous!
  13. lolita37

    12 ways to ruin a sexy moment

    hahahah those were hilarious, mer30 Siamak jun
  14. lolita37

    How Do You get To See Most of Your Movies?

    An interesting article about the rise of the number of people watching TV online: My link
  15. lolita37


    OMG I'm so jealous, I want one too, mines are a serious of collections and individual DVDS cuz I wanted aaaaaaaaaaaaall of his movies