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  1. hannah0007

    I Miss...

    I miss summer/chillin not having to worry about school...
  2. hannah0007

    Help!!! Tips on writing a good email.

    haha... I think that would scare him away... thanks for all the help everyone.... Funny thing is i guess he comes on bia2, because he asked me if i wrote something online about writing a email to a guy... that was soooo imbarasing :eek_wft: , and now i'm going to be dobble imbarased if he readys this! Note: online is macking the world way 2 small!!!...lol
  3. hannah0007

    Help!!! Tips on writing a good email.

    I dont know why email, but him said email. im 18 hes like 27... im young but hes not..lol.
  4. hannah0007

    Help!!! Tips on writing a good email.

    um i meet this person and he told me to email him but i dont know what to say! any help, or ideas, or info on what u like to read in a email? thanks
  5. hannah0007

    what are you listening to

    Jay Z, Big Pimping.. its played-out but i still love the song..lol
  6. hannah0007


    I just bought a new super sexy Cherry Bikini..." i love the summer"!
  7. hannah0007

    Go Random

    I want pizza, and bubble gum!
  8. hannah0007


    those glasses are hot!
  9. hannah0007


    Where did you buy it from? (If you don't mind) I bought it from www.farahazria.com
  10. hannah0007


    Nice! :k Do you like gipsy king too! I like gipsy king! thanks, i'm not sure who gipsy king is?
  11. hannah0007


    I JUST BOUGHT a Farah Azria bag, the bag is called "Persia" No joke!
  12. hannah0007

    Is Marriage Sacred?

    Yes I believe marriage is sacred, to be married one most combined two souls in one. Also I believe marriage is the pursuit of spiritual perfection.
  13. hannah0007


    hi hannah what phone you got coz on some phones u cna use MP3 ringtones and other u need poly ringtones leat me knwo what phone you go so i can help you thanks . I have A motorola razor
  14. hannah0007


    I have been looking for persian music ringtones for my cellphone like Arash, Shadmehr Aghili, and Sayen but can not find any. Does any one know a web page that has persian ringtones? "yes I know I'm FoB"!