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    Is Love a Lie????

    How can love or any other emotion be a lie? All emotions exist because we FEEL them, wether it's anger, hate, grief, remorse etc. There are a million and one emotions that we experience as human beings and to say that love is not a valid emotion is itself a lie. Love exists on many different levels, between a parent and child, between brothers and sisters, friends, husband and wife, between and man and his pet.......this is all love and it's all valid. I think when people deny the existence or value of love, they are never likely to receive it. You only get out of life what you put in. Love is not a sign of weakness. It takes a strong person to show their feelings and share their emotions with another. Those who are too scared to open up and give another human being their love are cowards. Sorry i'm not being rude to anyone here, i used to be the same. I was always closed off and didn't think that true love could exist. I was in denial, didn't want to be vulnerable or "weak" but then i actually realised how wrong i had been all these years. Love is beautiful, even if it only exists for a short while. Grab what you can and be happy instead of sad and miserable.
  2. Strawberri

    On Virginity

    Surely "sexual intercourse" implies vaginal sex...or even anal sex. isn't that what "intercourse" means? Anyway, what i think is double-standards is the way this question is directed purely at girls. This whole save yourself before marriage thing stems from our religion which states that BOTH sexes, that is girls AND guys should not have sex before marriage. It is not concentrated purely on girls, it's just that we live in a sexist world, and whether you're from Europe, Iran or anywhere else, these double standards have always been present. Ok now that i have the feminist stuff out of my system, i have saved myself for marriage, not because of what my culture says i should do, but because personally i think i'm too precious, as is every other human being so i'm not being arrogant, to be touched by any old man that walks into my life. Having said that, i don't think there is anything wrong with kissing and touching. One last comment, i have to say on the subject of anal, of course it's sex. If it isn't sex, then that means that gay men are all virgins right? lol
  3. Hi everyone, i thought i'd introduce myself seeing as i'd already left a message on one of the politics threads! Yes that's where you're most likely to find me, fishing through all the latest political stuff! I'm from London by the way but i really miss Iran Anyone else here from London by any chance? I hope to get to know you all better soon. Take care everyone :bye:
  4. Strawberri

    The Iran/USA War

    Apparently Iranian television doesn't really go into much detail about all the pressure from the West, they probably just want to cover it all up from the people inside Iran. Any intelligent human being would not want a war in Iran, especially if they have friends and family living there. I think that iran, just like Iraq, would actually be worse off in the event of war, not least because of the fact that America would want to dominate politics there. I think that many people are very much mistaken if they believe that a war with the US would "liberate" Iran. In actual fact quite the opposite is likely to occur because Iran would then be under the thumb of the Americans. The question is, is it worse being dominated by your own kind or by outsiders?