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    Day Off Work...?

    Arent yall interested in getting a day off from work? I mean, another national holiday, another day to sleepin? i would love it!! there is a petition out to get the day after the BIG GAME to be a national holiday... even if you dont like/watch sports, check it out, sign it, make it a holiday so we can all sleep in or do whatever we want! www.savedaday.com :DD
  2. :eek_wft: I couldnt believe it when i saw it, but i thought yall should know. someone is starting a petition to get the day after the "BIG GAME" to be declaired a national holiday... can you believe it. No work, no school, just a day to recover after the biggest game of the year!?!? i couldnt believe it, but i signed it, i think it is a good idea, i heard that 1.4 million people call out sick the monday after! i have to admit, i have been one of them! Beer and football just go too well together! www.savedaday.com check it out! let me know what yall think