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  1. shugs

    Tell Us Something About The Person Above You!

    I see your getting settled back in here. -_-
  2. shugs

    Rate the avatar above you!

  3. shugs

    Iranian husbands

    Banderas is a short Azz!!!! I guess the atraction for you chicas could be you can fit him in your purse :p
  4. shugs

    IRANIAN MEN...main characteristics...

    I don't think that you can make a judgement on Iranian men from the inhabitance of this forum... I simply pray to everything thats Holy that the main bia2 forumers do not show a real demographic of Iranian mens atitudes and behavior.
  5. Looking at the nature of it I am not suprised. The Islamic conquest on Iran made Iranians VERY bitter against Arabs, some thing that you can even see today. REASONS? Maybe these 'humanitarians' you claim they are enslaved and raped our society... a society that abolished slavery over a milenium before hand. They raped and pilaged, used the men as slaves and women as whores... did we need Islam? NO! Islam was necessary to the Arabs who were uncivilised bedouins not for the at-the-time civilised society Iran had. Any way if they were so great why did we kick the caliphite rulers out on their Azz? I know about the Massacre at Tabaristan... it was passed through the family, horific what they did to the people. But good old hard headed Mazandaranis weren't broken by them
  6. shugs

    Iranian husbands

    Well you know what they say 'Women age like fine wine' so on the other hand men must age like watermelon jks
  7. I hardly slept last night.. now i feel like Shoot cos of lack of sleep... and my throat still hurts, think its infected
  8. I cant choose just one! lol Ferdowsi (obvious reasons) Most of the mythological charactors from the Shahnameh, also the ones who existed, Rostam-e Farokhzad killed by Taazi hordes in the name of Iran Khayyam... Rubaiyat and his works on Determinism Reza Shah (AKA Reza Khan) one of the greatest Mazandaranis ever.. not to mention he was one of the greatest shahs we've had for centuries. Attar, his works...'Mantiq at-Tayr' an alegory comparable to Plato's works imo, influences on Rumi and the sad tale of his death he should get aknowledged more in Iran Cyrus The Great/Kourosh-e-Bozorg... worlds first decree of human rights... truelly proved to be 'civilised' is a way of thought NOT modern surroundings! Also the greatness/father of Persia etc etc Darius The Great... simply for constructing Parsa lol Ofcourse the Prophet Zarathushtra and the Prophet Bahaullah... but i wont include religion in this
  9. shugs

    BMW or Mercedes?

    Gotta be the Merc (New ones and the old skool ones)... recent BMW designs are UGLY! tho the models during the 90's and early 00's were hot. But BMWs are painfully mainstreem... its all about being individual! I saw a seariously sweet old skool merc today... It looked so mistreated... with some love it would have looked amazing! It was one of these: But in white and it looked a bit tired lol...
  10. shugs

    Bia2 Rumours...something fishy goin on?

    Al claims to have gone on a diet... then pigs out at McDonalds with his friend Gari... So this thread is about flaming with other users right?
  11. I've been noticing this for years in my family, that we talk about another persons 'energy' even in small things like the 'evil eye' or when u rub some ones shoulders u instinctivly tap your fingers on the ground or wash your hands with flowing water... Its very similar ideology as in Taoism with the concept of Qi (pronounced Chi) It could just be my family as my two da'is are masters in Kung Fu To'a (Form of Martial Arts derived from Shao Lin, developed and introduced into Iran by Grand Master Ibrahim Mirzaii... so its a Persian form of martial arts)... and my elder Da'i is a spiritualist & healer (i.e. Accupuncture etc) some where in Thailand lol. but ive seen other Iranians do it so maybe its some thing in our culture... Can anyone tell me if there is Persian theology behind it? or how it was introduced to our culture wiki article related to the concept of Qi: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qi
  12. Thanks for your votes Personally im a soft determanist... causality (our previous actions) influences most things in our life. Many cultures believe the same i.e Toaism 'An action causes a reaction' Ying/Yang etc. A lot of sayings like 'You reep what you sow'... I guess we're all a sucker for causality imo... Tho I believe we have some freedom will
  13. shugs

    Iranian husbands

    This forum some times amazes me... how low the gals think of the guys and... i wont even go into the guys :p Segregating the sexes is where sexism starts imo... what does nationality mean to a man who is going to cheat? So all Iranian men are liers and cheaters? thanks! lol. You get good and bad people in every race/nation... its not about male, female, geographic location, religion etc... its, well how much self respect you have. Any way from my meer 19 years and 11 months of life ive seen women (English & Iranian) do most of the cheating... doesnt mean all women are liers/cheaters
  14. shugs

    if u had power in iran

    A s s is a Donkey look here My bad... cheers for settin me straight :clap2: