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  1. nanakhafan

    Words Association Game

    color of an orange :haha:
  2. nanakhafan

    Petition For Laboo to Change his Avatar

    Nanakhafan :haha:
  3. nanakhafan

    Tell Us Something About The Person Above You!

    she has beautifull eyes :air_kiss_wft:
  4. nanakhafan

    Words Association Game

  5. nanakhafan

    Words Association Game

  6. nanakhafan

    Words Association Game

  7. nanakhafan

    Words Association Game

  8. nanakhafan

    THIS or THAT

    arashhhhhhh volunteering or getting paid
  9. nanakhafan

    Answer and ask the next person

    jaguars what was the first song u listened to today
  10. nanakhafan

    Your Favorite Poems!

    tooye masti zad ye dasti kiyo joz man miparasti man kharabe cheshme mastam to begoo male ki hasti maa ke goftim male yarim too khooneye del hich ki nadarim bi shoma khazoono sardim bashoma ende baharim...lol :haha: i only remember this part of the song...:haha: hamed hakan anahita very cool and up beat song
  11. nanakhafan

    Persian Cat

    yeah its one of the videos in the video section... fek konam esme ahangpersian cat bashe...im not sure
  12. nanakhafan


    babak and friends
  13. nanakhafan

    Go Random

    norouz is comin up baro bach and i aint doin anything :haha:
  14. nanakhafan

    THIS or THAT

    i dont know what those so i'll just pick one Barry White hitler or osama bin ladan :punishing_wft:
  15. nanakhafan

    Words Association Game

  16. nanakhafan

    Answer and ask the next person

    aqiufina where did u go last summer
  17. nanakhafan


    khamirdandoon :punishing_wft:
  18. nanakhafan

    what are you listening to

    popcorn hahahaha :clap2:
  19. nanakhafan

    What Song Is Stuck In Ur Head Today

    popcorn :haha:
  20. nanakhafan

    Most Desirable Female Singer?

    k..soo i vote for googoosh...cuz she is da best lookin and she is very khosh teep. baghiye chon javoonan(mostly) attractive be nazar mian... vali age rast migam jazzab ta 55 saalegi bemooonan.. hahaha :haha:
  21. nanakhafan

    what are you listening to

    hamed hakan-anahita ende ahange toooye masti zad ye dastiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wooohooooo
  22. nanakhafan

    do 2 wrongs make a right