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  1. You forgot to mention the great Sassanid kings that attacked and wiped out entire Christian villages in Persia, to protect Zoroastrianism. It is documented that these great kings, such as Shapur II, under the guidance of Kartir, the cheif zoroastrian priest, persecuted the Christians, first beginning in 344 AD, and continued this practice for centuries. We have glories to mention too, such as When Khosro II attached Antioch with provication, with the sole intent to plunder the city and bring back gold and enforce taxes on the people of Antioch. Yes my friends, those were the days that one could be proud of being Persian.
  2. Hashemi

    Just Obama

    He's pulled the combat forces out of iraq. He's repealed don't-ask-don't-tell. He's expanded health case to low income families.. He's stopping tax brakes for the rich. He's been undoing the deregulation of the financial markets (to prevent future bubbles). He shut down Gitmo. And there have been no terrorist attacks on US soil during time in office.
  3. Castro didn't technically fight for social equality. He fought for a form of government that would guarantee the equal spreading of wealth. The problem with that form of government (no matter what you want to call it) is that it attracts despotism -- as it makes the government in charge of too much. In fact, in Iran the nationalization of the oil industry was a large step in that same direction. It made people look to the government for everything, because after all the government is getting all the oil money, and that set the ground for corruption in the government. The Pahlavi monarchy was corrupted with the oil money, the Mullahs were corrupted (you can say what you like about them, but the early revolutionaries were passionate about advancing their country), and it will corrupt any other government that comes to power after them. What needs to happen is that the government become reliant on the people (reliant on them to pay tax) and the people to be independent of the government (through desubsidization). Ironically, it is Ahmadinejad, of all people, that has made the most progress in these issues. But god forbid if anyone were to suggest that he might be doing the right thing. Yeah, forget it, let's be revolutionaries. Let's overthrow everything again, and hedge our bets on the country not getting split up, and next government not getting corrupted with the oil money.
  4. Hashemi


    I like the "middle-class" part
  5. Hashemi

    World politics

    I think it obvious, They needed a pearl-harbor scenario to achieve the Wolfowitz doctrine. Major terrorist attacks were being foiled on a monthly basis. So they let one happen. No-brainer.
  6. Hashemi

    World politics

    That was interesting. This is a short one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xv_QAootU08&NR and on the other hand:
  7. Hashemi

    About Israel

    Friends!, Its a bit like the sicilian mobster saying "Look you're my friend, but my dog was my friend too, and I had to put him to sleep because he barked too much".
  8. Hashemi


    Thats a lot to hear from someone who takes pride in voting republican and, from other comments, probably has a "I support our troops" sticker on his bumper. Taking the bait! What have I got to gain from the mullahs staying in power. All I'm saying is that nothing is gaurenteed to change that is worth innocent people being killed. Without change we whither away and die. But I don't think the monarchists will realy like the 'democratic' part of your comment.
  9. Hashemi


    I'm not justifying it. I'm just saying that it isn't unique to the Islamic republic, so the problem will linger on even if the regime is overthrown. Exactly. Their "reprasentatives"! What is this, a sci-fi movie? Countries that have corruption problems don't choose it as a policy, they can't deal with it. How do those at the top gain from some low-level official somewhere filling his pocket with blood money! Maybe Khamenee sits up at night twisting his mustache and saying to him self "how can we get poor Iranian people to sell their organs so we can get some quick cache, yooh-ha-ha". Well that depends on what you mean by "reform". If you mean transforming an Islamic system into a non-islamic system, you may be right. But I don't see achiving greater social freedom to be impossible. and I don't see anything fundamentally preventing the development of the economy and elevating the standards of life in Iran.
  10. Hashemi


    Are you saying that corruption doesn't exist amoung government officials in other countries, and that it is only under the rule of the mullahs that such a fenomenon can show its ugly face! Should the American people overthrow the whole US governing system because a congressman molestered a kid or ripped of old grannies.
  11. Hashemi


    So you're saying that the root of poverty is fundamentally due to the rule of the mullahs. But wait a minute, I've heard of people living in abject poverty in Africa and South America. Mmm, I didn't know the mullahs had control over so many countries!
  12. Hashemi


    That's just rehtric. Did I say anything about what it is the product of! And I guess you're saying the sole cause of these problems of poverty are the mullahs, because this is what the mullahs want, they enjoy seeing people in this possition, and these problems will vanish by overthrowing the mullahs, because without the mullahs things magically work out.
  13. Hashemi


    The rule of the Mullahs is making the Iranian people more liberal by the day. Call them despotic, but they are providing the basic needs of the people for them to live civilized lives. Such an environment augmented with strict religious law, only breeds liberalism. So if things are kept as they are, liberalism will eventually prevail. Overthrowing the mullah guarantees nothing. But if the people of Iran become more liberal in their viewpoints, a lot of problems can be *guaranteed* to be solved. But what you are calling for is a premature overthrowing of the mullahs. A move that in its prematurity is akin to the overthrowing of the monarchy in 1357.
  14. Hashemi


    And I would like to have a mansion in beverly-hills, ride a Lamborghini and lay paris-hilton. But you know what, I weigh things and draw depressing conclusions. I see, so we should overthrow the mullahs, and then if any 'federation' happens to decide that it wants to break off, we should say "oh, we are civilized people, lets be friends, you can break off, and farewell". Our future generations will surly understand and remember us as their 'strong' fathers, won't they. Not even the lives of innocent women and childeren that will die in the violence that follows a collaps of power? A collaps of power that as you say has no "guarentee" to change anything. But then again, we're not the ones who will be blown up by suicide bomers. So why give a crap.
  15. Hashemi


    So what you're saying is that you'd rather see Iran split up, rather than there being a despotic regime ruling it. Fine. But even if it is split up, that wont prevent a despotic regime (or maybe I should say 'regimes') from comming to power.