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  1. Err, I thought I told you already! anyway what do you say about this: http://www.ilovejesus.com/missions/mom4god/BurningHell.html
  2. But whats the point in signing up? I mean, do they pay the people who signup? In "Heaven"? I don't get it. What if the guy signs up and after arriving in heaven God tells him "Non of my buisness, wait untill the guys from the website get here". That sucks, its like Medicare.
  3. Read my post again, specially what follows "Yes the root of the problem does stem from the "structure"... " If I'm "kidding you", then I'll be glad if you can refer me to documentation of other instances. I agree that non-democratic componants in a governing body breed corruption (which was the problem with Shah's regime too by the way), and it does have to be changed. But it currently isn't the main problem in Iran. The main problem stems from elsewhere, and overthrowing the regime will only deepen the the main problem. The anual budget is fully documented and available. It does have flaws in it, but anyone can appose to any section of the budget. I guess what you are referring to is the money spent on secret overseas opperations, which is tantamount to the waist due to inefficiencies in the budget. Transparency in how revenues are being spent isn't as easy as that. I was watching the House of Commons the other day, and they where yelling at each other about how money should be injected into the health sector so transparency in expenditure can be maintained. There is no doubt that the way things are done have to be changed. But that isn't something that will be gained by overthrowing the regime. That's where you are wrong. Changing the regime is the simplest way out. Having tollerance and working side-by-side with people we disagree with so Iran can prosper is the hard but right way. The hard way that most of us have decided not to take, yet we call our selves meehandoost. What I don't get is the deduction: "theocratic regim" => "lack of transparency" can't we have: "non-theocratic regim" => "lack of transparency" I mean is it an 'IF' or an 'IFF'. I belive that the governing body has to learn how to prevent cozy pockets that breed corruption from forming in its structure, and that is extremly hard to achive in a country that has an economy based on selling oil. I guess this contradicts with your opinion that the Mullas had a master plan to enslave the Iranian nation and "put the money in their bank accounts". Propaganda! What do you think this is, mass meadia? I hate to say this to you but other than me and you, the only person who might take a look at our posts is Pourya, and he'll just skim through to make sure we're not cussing at each other. As I said, the corruption stems from the "structure" on which our economy is built. Please READ my post before responding in such a crass manner.
  4. Hashem

    History of Iran's Flag

    Don't get me wrong. I too dream of a free secular Iran, with all the Hakhamaneshi might. But only when I am high. When I'm sober, I notice a dark reality my friend. The reality that the pillars of a secular governing body in Iran will crumble to the sound of the drum-beats of Ashoora and Tasooa, crumble just as the flying buttresses of persopolis crumbled to a different drum-beat. BBC has a video archive. In the section about Iran, there is a video-clip about the 1979 revoultion. For a second they show an Iranian soldier that had fled his post and was amongs the cheering people, crying. I see that as the crumbling for a pillar.
  5. Hashem

    The phylosophy

    Depends on what you mean by God. If you mean a higher being that created us, and will judge us based on our actions, I do not belive in such a God. Its pure logic, our actions are the result of our genes and our surrounding. Thus, from the standpoint of a hypothetical creator there is no difference between my actions and that of a pebble being pushed along by the current in a stream. Therefore, from the standpoint of such a creator, we logically can be prosecuted for our actions no more than the pebble. I have to point out that by surrounding I am not referring to the literal meaning of the word, what I mean is "everything existing and occuring around us through time and space in unlimited detail". They all have a butterfly effect on our state and therefore our actions. Its chaos theory. right? Laws do exist, but the initial state and surrounding have so much detail that the system seems chaotic. But from the standpoint of a hypothetical creator, there is no limit to detail.
  6. I'm sorry if you find it hard to understand the connection between the annalogies I bring, and the current discussion. I referred to down town LA to point out that there are alot of poor people in the states, but that doesn't stop the US government from spending money abroad (like in Israel). So for the same reason that the US is doing so, the Iranian government may be doing so. I referred to Hiroshima, to point out that "helping" people isn't as simple as "just giving them money". As the views of my good friend Cactus Jack shows how far this can go. and I referred to the missing American to point out that the sex trade industry is everywhere. ... PERIOD
  7. The only people in Iran that are so desperate for money that they'll sell an organ are Drug addicts. So you're saying the Iranian government should say screw foreign policy and lets give these drug addicts more money. What, are they nuts. Well I know they are to some extent, but not that much. As for what Hezbolah has done for the Iranians, at least they are a threat to Isreal attacking Iran. You may laugh that off, but it is true. Sometimes when you spend money you do it not to get results immediately, but in the future. I guess the government considers helping Hezbulah and Hammas a kind of insurance. Whether it is a strong insurance is another issue, but the fact that they are investing in something that may help them in the future isn't all that irrational.
  8. Well my friend, that depends on how you define "taking care of" somebody. For instance, Cactus Jack here, believes that the US was saving the Japanies by dropping an A-bomb on their heads in Hiroshima. The current regiem believes that by helping its allies such as Hezbolah and Hammas, they will be preventing their foes from cornering the Iranians (as a nation) and bring them to their knees. And I promiss you there are people out there that would love to see the Iranians starving to death like Etheopians. So what they are doing can be considered (in a way) to the benifit of the Iranians.
  9. This has got to be the most BS thing I've heard. How do you sell a person? Is slavery legal in these arab countries? So does the Arab guy go "buy" a gardener for his back yard, or a plummer for his kitchen sink, and keep him for life. Get real man, Buy the way, ten dollars isn't for one night, its for... as they say "yek rah". They then go on to the next costomer. and please don't mix the organ-selling thing in, The current regiem has made a lot of mistakes, but most of it has nothing to do with the structure of the regiem and the same mistakes could have been made had, for example, a Communist regiem came to power in 1979. Every government in the world has allies, and allies help each other to gain a common political goal.
  10. Isn't it funny that when it comes to crushing the mullas (crazy as they are), the most mundain of issues suddenly becomes something holly that shouldn't be joked about. You've got it all wrong my friend, girls ending up in sex trade is not something that can be stoped "easily", by spending money on it. These are multi-million dollar mafia-like organizations that work everywhere. A few months ago CNN had a report on an American family that had traveld to some south-American country for the holidays and their daughter had disappeared, and now they are hearing from sailors that they have seen (been with) the girl in brothels, and pictures of her have been found on the internet. Her parents were saying that she had no problems before this and was living a happy life. and please spare me the conspiracy theories about the mullas being behind it. You're probably thinking that I am a CNN-junky or something, but CNN also had a report last night about down-town LA (skid-row), in which they were reporting other neighbourhoods dumping people there ( the comentator said "downtown LA has become a human dumpyard" ). These people suffered no natural disaster, they are mentally ill, drug addicts, or have just been unlucky in life.