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    im not a teen anymore :boredom_wft: not a big deal tho lol :t
  2. PeRsIaN_SpIcE

    Answer and ask the next person

    A: successful business woman seeing as its all bout da profit n money :dance_baby_wft: Q: If u could live in a different country excluding the one ur in at the moment, which would it be and why?
  3. PeRsIaN_SpIcE

    Words Association Game

    marilyn manson
  4. PeRsIaN_SpIcE

    "Hi" & "Ahvaalporsi" Thread

    salam :harhar_wft[1]: khoobin? :boredom_wft:
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    Rate the avatar above you!

    hahah thnx dude.. Persian Spice sig ..i give u a 20/20 he is sooo handsome.. :clap2: yup he sure is
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    France v England

  7. PeRsIaN_SpIcE

    Jamshid's New Album

    hey ramtin! if u want i have da whole album da songz r hottt i love da album specially miram mibini, hala dige deer shode, faribaneh, ashti and shenakhtamet :DD
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    Danoub dance

    ye i herd it its cool song :yeah:
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    hey hun i love ur avatar its cute just like u!! ye n 3 months left for e so :dance_baby_wft:
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    Rate the avatar above you!

    popcorn!! avatar = 7/10 sig = 9/10
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    Hi Everyone :)

    hi payam! welcome to bia2! hope u have fun here
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    Hi Everyone :)

    hey!! welcome :DD wats ur name? I'm Sadaf from UK
  13. PeRsIaN_SpIcE

    WhAt Is YoUr BiGGEST TuRn~oFf??

    self obsessed guys, guys with tattoo or piercing, guys dat r laato, lash and have no respect for themselves let alone for girls, guys tha talk crap and dont htink before they do also guys that lie alot and think its ok and most of all pervy guys :p
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    Little Johnny

  15. PeRsIaN_SpIcE

    The male stages of life

    FAVORITE FANTASY 17 tall, dark, and handsome 25 tall, dark, and handsome with money 35 tall, dark, and handsome with money and a brain 48 a man with hair 66 a man IDEAL DATE 17 He offers to pay 25 He pays 35 He cooks breakfast the next morning 48 He cooks breakfast the next morning for the kids 66 He can chew breakfast
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    sperm count

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    same ere :huh:
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    Swimming pool??

  20. PeRsIaN_SpIcE

    Kinda funny

    it was abit but i kinda kept laughin n den stoppin n feelin kinda cuz wat he was doin was ) but den agen dunno lol anywayz weird but funny lol
  21. PeRsIaN_SpIcE

    Do you know what time it is????

    ^^ i prefer da original verison lmao more funny lol
  22. PeRsIaN_SpIcE

    *****Keyvan joon Tavalodet mobarak******

    vaaa che zerange!! :eek_wft: are hatman loooooool,
  23. PeRsIaN_SpIcE

    *****Keyvan joon Tavalodet mobarak******

    You're very welcome Sadaf jan. It amazes me too to get surprises at my age and I'm loving it. Bebakhshid ageh cake ro takeaway delivery nadashtim baratoon biaran. Rastesh Manchester be masiram nemikhord. Agar dafeye digeh London tashrif dashti baratoon miferestam:D cool bazam mesi pas bayad london biyam ke cake bokhoram lool ehskali nadare aziz my bday is soon too 3 mah dige :dance_baby_wft: so wat u up2? koja london hasti?
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    Saleeeen :happy_wft: manam hamintor :air_kiss_wft: