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  1. Everdying

    what are you listening to

    Band: Dream Theater Album: Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence Song: The Glass Prison
  2. Everdying

    Weight loss?

    So you are telling me I should act only in the way that others like?! Would you change who you are just so others will like you? Do you ever think that maybe others' replies are "harsh" in my opinion and that's why my replies seem "harsh" to them? Or are you simply not capable of seeing that? Let me give you an example: Dude #1 likes Rap music. Dude #2 likes Pop music. Dude #2 says Rap music bothers me, but I believe EVERYONE in the world should tolerate and play Pop music, however I can't and won't tolerate Rap. It never occurs to him that maybe Dude #1 might actually is bothered by Pop music in the same way he is bothered by Rap. You are telling me that others have the right to disagree with me and be different and post any way they want. But I'm not allowed to be like that and if I'm to post anything it should be along the same way others do. And that I'm not given the right to not like the way others are and I have to tolerate it. You say "You are more than welcome to disagree" and then you say "though next time I won't let you get passed by"!! So basically you say "Hey buddy! You are welcome to sit here, but if you sit here I'll slit your throat!" And I have a question for you too. How am I supposed to disagree without making someone upset? Is it my fault that some people can't keep a decent conversation and start taking sides without even realizing what's being discussed? Here is the funniest part: I didn't even disagree with anybody!! I simply asked why would you feel less confident about yourself when you lose or gain weight? Do you really think others are all perfect and you are not? Is that a crime to ask someone that question? Do I need to get a license from someone to ask that?! And how is that "mocking someone's accomlishment"?! But you know what I think? I think people got upset because I didn't write 3 pages of complimentary tales. Sorry about that. I'm just not that kind of guy. For me a simple "Good for you" does the job. I'm sorry, but even you didn't understand what I said. Maybe you should improve your reading skills!!
  3. Everdying

    Go Random

    I swore to the razor That never, enchained Would your dark nails of faith Be pushed through my veins again...
  4. Everdying

    Weight loss?

    Farhan sweety. People shouldn't agree on everything, and that's what makes us interesting. I enjoy reading others' posts when they don't agree with me. If they 100% agree with what I say, then they wouldn't post anything and the whole place would be empty! ;) I'm not looking for support. I'm trying to look at things differently and see how others react to it, and hopefully they see their own reaction and if it's good they keep it up, if it's bad they try to not react this way. I don't look at things ONLY in a negative way. I look at things from all possible points of view. No no. I TRY to do that, because I don't consider myself very bright and this helps me understand what others say faster. It also makes me see things I wouldn't normally see. About being disappointed in outcomes; No I don't really think about outcomes. I'm not like that dude in Gulliver who'd keep repeating: "Man Midoonestam aakharesh gir mioftim"!! If you think about it, the results aren't important to us once we find them. That's why we are so greedy and nothing is ever enough. Because once we get something we want, we lose interest. So why fear or be disappointed about something you know that won't matter to you in the end? "Unfortunately not so many of us can handle a decent conversation when we are young." Meaning: There are some young people who are very intelligent and can discuss something and not get all worked up too early. But from experience most of us aren't like that when we are young. I don't know you, but maybe you fall in the first category. The young person who is capable of keeping up with the conversation in a decent way. I wasn't like this when I was young. 1- There are others who are saying very nice things to him. Do you want everyone to repeat the same thing? Okay here you go: Davood jooni you own! If I was gay I'd divorce Elton and marry you right now!! :DD :harhar_wft[1]: 2- It's not negative to question why he, or anybody, didn't feel confident when he thought he was overweight, is it? 3- This is not a support group man. If he is gonna feel bad about something some clown like me said on a forum, even though I don't think he will, that's a much bigger problem. 4- If me and others had kept our mouths shut, the topic would continue for another 3-4 days or more and that's it. But now we got a lot more to talk about, don't we? ;)
  5. Everdying

    Weight loss?

    What makes you think we are, or I am, being negative? We're trying to find out ways to stay confident, no matter what.
  6. Everdying

    Weight loss?

    Well there are two sides to everything: a positive side and a negative side. Not being able to continue a decent conversation and getting all worked up early on is a major problem that mostly is a result of being immature and sexually frustrated. That's why I came to the conclusion about Farhan. Unfortunately not so many of us can handle a decent conversation when we are young. I remember being the same way myself.
  7. Everdying

    what are you listening to

    Band: Soilwork Album: Chainheart Machine Song: Millionflame
  8. Everdying

    Weight loss?

    Hmmm. Don't tell me, let me guess: 17 and still a virgin! Did I call it? ;) Now honey will you go to bed and let adults continue the conversation? :air_kiss_wft:
  9. Everdying

    Weight loss?

    Well someone like you would probably think "changing the way your body looks" is the most painful thing that can happen. But it's not how it is in the real world sweety. There are billions of other things that are much more difficult, and they actually matter. You don't know pain and suffering, and that's why you are less sure of yourself everytime you put on an extra pound. Being proud of what you've done is one thing, losing confidence over something as pathetic as the way you look is another. You are mixing two things that aren't even related. People who have confidence issues are those who can't see or don't want to see that nobody is perfect. They consider others better, and see themselves as a less person. If you read my posts about god in another section you see that I accept the fact that nobody is perfect and can never be perfect. To sum up: Realize and accept that you and everyone else are not perfect. Accept who you are and don't expect to be anything more. Accept that you can never be perfect, but don't kick yourself about it. And I would like to repeat this again, even though dodo doesn't wanna even think about it! lol "It's only after you've lost everything that you are free to do anything." Well, that's just the way you are and I'm no one to judge. When you read something it doesn't mean that the person who said it wants you to believe in it. He is telling what he thinks, and the fact that you aren't even willing to think about something, even if you don't agree with it, tells a lot about your character. Good luck in the future. So much for open-minded and intelligent new generation! ;) And I never said that davood shouldn't be happy. I just tend to see somethings that others don't normally pick. Instead of coming in here and telling tales about how I look and how I'm a superman, I noticed and wondered how davood said he wasn't confident in himself because he thought he was overweight. I just look at things from two or three different views. That's all.
  10. Everdying

    Weight loss?

    I never said I was perfect. Look back at the posts and you see it's other people who are trying to say they are "perfect" by how much they work out and how great they look. I never did such thing. I just happen to not give a damn about what other people think about me or the way I look, and as a result my self esteem isn't changing by how much I weigh! And I leave you with three quotes from Tyler "The God" Durden: "Self-improvement is masturbation. Self-destruction is the answer." "It's only after you've lost everything that you are free to do anything." "I feel sorry for guys packed into gyms, trying to look how CK told them to look!" Well it's just a matter of difference in opinions. I think it's pathetic to lose confidence by gaining weight. ;) But you seem to be the kind who would kill himself if he put on some weight, or maybe got rejected by a girl!! ;) I think it's pretty clear who is pathetic and who is not, ain't it sweety? ;)
  11. Like I said, Hate is more powerful. Hate doesn't hurt. and when you're filled with hate the world looks a lot better and you are capable of doing things you wouldn't dream of doing before. I agree that it might ruin your life a little bit, but if your life is already ruined you got nothing to worry about now, do you? ;) And what exactly is it that love creates? Except that hollow feeling that can go away any minute. Hate is eternal. As long as you stick by it, it'll be with you. Love makes you dependent and weak. Hate drives you and sets you free. Love, as the mighty Satyricon says, "will gradually tear you apart; it'll eat you from inside"
  12. Everdying

    Weight loss?

    You lost your self esteem because you were overweight?! And now you think you are confident just because you lost weight? Good for you, but I really doubt your level of confidence has changed at all. ;) But this is a great topic. It gives a couple of insecure people another chance to brag about something. Before you know it you'll be hearing stories about how some people climbed up mount everest twice and are planning to do it yet another time!! lmfao.
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    i love the last one. theres something so Deep to it It's called "In My Darkest Hour". ;)
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    Things not to say during Sex