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  1. maryamkhanoom

    Kamran and Hooman are Fake Persians

    Hey everyone, Faryad Magazine has posted the Kamran and Hooman video where they fail to mention they are Persian. They've also included an analysis of the situation for those of us who like to see two sides to the story. It's pretty cool: http://faryadmagazine.com/kamran_and_hooman_controversy.html Cheers!
  2. Norooz finally recognized in Ontario, Canada. YouTube Video:
  3. maryamkhanoom


    What do you think of Farzan Athari? http://faryadmagazine.com/feature_farzan.html
  4. maryamkhanoom

    Hottest Persian Girls

    Check out Leyla Milani and Sepideh Haftgoli. I think they are pretty hot Persian girls. http://faryadmagazine.com/feature_leyla.html http://faryadmagazine.com/entertainment_se...h_haftgoli.html
  5. maryamkhanoom

    I need help with finding a persian actor

    Since I know only two of the pictures were serious, if it's them, they're not that hot.. I don't know.. I guess it is them.. I think it's the first picturem because the name sounds familiar. But personally, I think the second picture is hotter.
  6. maryamkhanoom

    Kamran vs. Hooman

    I agree, I think Kamran is more personable... But, since they are in the business of entertainment and the whole L.A. lifestyle is all superficial and fake, I am basing my vote on looks and looks solely!!!!! So, my vote is HOOMAN... Kamran for personality Hooman for looks So I vote for both!!
  7. SO my friend tells me about this hot persian male actor the other day... I totally forgot the name she told me, and I am very curious to see what he looks like and how hot he could possibly be... Can anyone help me out?
  8. maryamkhanoom

    Benyamin vs Sirvan Khosravi

  9. maryamkhanoom


    mine is: www.myspaace.com/maryamyazdi oops............. www.myspace.com/maryamyazdi
  10. maryamkhanoom

    Myspace Profiles

    How many of you have Myspace profiles?
  11. maryamkhanoom


    Who's going to the OMID concert at the AIR CANADA CENTRE?
  12. maryamkhanoom


    Music, celebrities, certain musical groups, Literature, crosswords, People Magazine Yup, it's pretty pathetic actually
  13. maryamkhanoom

    Your Top 5 CDs right now...

    Benyamin Farshid Amin Arash Afshin And I don't have a fourth, nor do I know the names of any of the albums mentioned