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  1. Hello bichareh zidane ham shod mesle ali daei. hanooz hichi nashode vasash bazi ham sakhtan. 24 saat nagzashteh!! Video + Game
  2. erwinl


    Two Thumbs up for the team @ Bia2.com specially Amir. Great Guy , Great site ... best of lcuk and Happy B-Day Bia2 Erwin
  3. erwinl

    DAVOOD KHATAR & SIA (Videos) !!

    Doostani ke in animationharo nadidan pishnehad mikonam bebinan. Doostani ham ke ashena hastan dige khodeshoon midoonan ;) tamame clipha hast ! Here's The Link : http://www.car2max.com/animation.html courtesy of car2max.com
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    DAVOOD KHATAR & SIA (Videos) !!

    Salam dosotane aziz .. ye seri animation az website www.car2max.com vase doostani ke nadidan in animationai ke too Iran pakhsh mishode ya kesani ke mesle khode man dide boodan vali donbaleshoon boodan roo internet ;) Here's the link for animations : http://www.car2max.com/animation.html yeki az behtarin website e automobile on the net !!
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    Greatest Car Website

    Hey I do often check this forum out , sorry if I am a little late ! Sure, I would like to answer any questions and I am willing to help. My profession is graphic design and I just stepped in the world of 3D. Web design was always a hobby and I learned it myself, therefor I am not a pro but I will try to help. Make sure you guys check out www.car2max.com .. have it on your favorite cause it is going to be a blastttt! thank you and have yourself a great day. Erwin
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    Greatest Car Website

    Hey Keano ... Yea that is my personal or I should say online portfolio. Whatever you see on the website is my own work. and by Animation you mean RIII? the dancing robot? anyways ... Thanks for checking out my website ! Good Luck
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    Simple pleasures in life!

  8. erwinl

    Greatest Car Website

    Right On ! that is the right website , car2max.com .... The INTRO song , the rap song that is on the website right now is ARMAND , the guy from HIGH5 band. He's also persian. He wrote and sang the song specially for car2max.com .... he's a member of HIGH5 (www.persianrap.com) Best of Luck
  9. Hi guys ... this is my first post ever on bia2's forum. There is a website coming up in january 2006 that is your unlimited source for cars for those interested in automobile world. Website contains : 01. High Resulotion Images + Car specs. (Exotic, Sport, Concept, Modified, Muscle, CG and DIGI cars) 02. Video Archive ( TOP GEAR and 5th GEAR Shows, Car Commercials, Animations and much more!) 03. Virtual Race ( Where you could race any two cars agains eachoter ) 04. Online Games 05. Online Store 06. Babes Page ( with 18+ gallery) 07. the biggest and most complete Bike archive 08. Events ( Calendar, Images of each event) 09. Tuners 10. Formus, Live chat , E-Magazine It is said to be the most complete car website on the internet. The website is also availble in PERSIAN language. For those who are interested in cars make sure you check the website out and have it on your favorites and pass it around. Best of Luck