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  1. Thanks Sia jan! Must be the old age. lol
  2. Thanks guys for the leads. Pourya jan thanks for sharing the old version from Kourosh Yaghmaei. May his soul rest in peace! I liked especially his "gole yakh" song. I hear his son Kaveh is now making a headway with a fair amount of success.
  3. I think an iranian singer has song this and I listened to it long time ago but don't remember who it is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sk8uG8-zUvo Does anyone know?
  4. Demand to the International Communities to take Urgent action in order to stop the crimes by the Islamic Republic of Iran and to bring those responsible to justice. EMZA NAKONI IRANIE WAGHEI NISTI http://www.petitioniran.com
  5. Nokia Protests Hit the Streets http://www.hamsaweb.org/crime/54.html#1
  6. Iran: Regime uses SMS messages to threaten people reports that the clerical regime's Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) sends threatening mobile phone text messages to Iranians, threatening them that they will be “summoned and interrogated” by suppressive organs “in the event of continuing illegal gatherings and activities.” The text message, which has recently been sent to people, reads: “In the event of continuing illegal gatherings and activities, VAJA [islamic Republic of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence] will summon and interrogate you.” http://www.textually.org/textually/archive...9/07/024172.htm
  7. Keyvan, i was present on Saturday, but i left about 3:45pm and was later told by friends of this incident. i have some photos and vids from the rally, but obviously didn't catch this particular incident. I spoke with one of the journalists at the event who promised to send me his images, so i'm hoping he also caught this. Were you present at the rally? Yes, I was present at the rally. The incident happened at 17:00GMT as the PressTV cameraman tried to leave from the rear car park just behind the demonstrators. I am sure someone has this on film as I saw some people filming the incident! I saw people kicking his car and he hit a guy whilst making a escape with the help of the police. Frankly though, it wouldn't surprise me if this cameraman was only filming the 'saltanat talabs' or 'mojahedin' for the state TV propaganda. As you may be aware these two sections are usually much quieter during the riot than 'sabz pooshan' section. Anyway, if you happen to get hold of the video please share it.
  8. For those who may not be aware of this in yesterday's protest here in London a cameraman from PressTV was present who was comiling a video of the whole protest in front of the Iranian embassy for the Iranian regime. He was then ushered by the police to his car as the protesters realised who he was. His car was kicked and he was verbally abused by the onlooking protesters as he was making gestures towards people and getting to his car. Whilst the police opened the way for his car to drive off he hit one of the protesters. I am trying to get hold of a video for this but as you can imagine it would be very difficult to get this on a clip.
  9. And the link: http://tehran28.wordpress.com
  10. خيابانها خواب خوش را از چشمان خامنه اي تبهكار و ديگر جانيان جمهوري اسلامي خواهيم گرفت. ارتش آزاديبخش زيرزميني ايران (سفازا) ازطريق Tehran28: Twitter عضو مي پذيرد. همه با هم با يك انقلاب بدور از خشونت دموكراسي را براي ايران به ارمغان آوريم. نتر سيم نترسيم ما همه با هم هستيم
  11. Please sign this petition for international community to take action against the crimes of the regime: http://www.petitioniran.com/?page=signs&am...392&c=12262
  12. Siamak jan damet garm! I have already sent this petition to several hundred people.
  13. Keyvan

    Inside Iran

    Thanks for the video. This was aired last week on BBC4. You can hardly find a quality piece of journalism like this today. A quite fantatstic video and quite impartial. The part that I found quite disturbing is increasing proportion of the poulation on drugs. I think he said close to 2 million although the unofficial figures is closer to 10-12million. Vaghean jaye ta'asof dareh.
  14. Well Looks like Bush is definitely spoiling for a fight with Iran! I don't know where this is all leading. http://www.guardian.co.uk/worldbriefing/st...2002232,00.html Benazar miad Iran az hame taraf mohasere shode.