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  1. seksi agha

    Simpsons Movie!!!

    i hear simpsons movie coming out summer 07... TOO LONG!
  2. its easy to say they want diamonds, money, cars and houses, but i give my girl a 9 carat diamond ring, we pretty well off, drive a rolls, and live in a 14 mill $ house. believe me, its not enough lol... all iranian girls (btw very hot) want is a guy who likes them, not who can spoil them.
  3. seksi agha

    Your Favorite PERSIAN Singer IS?...

    man nemedunam.... arash, aligator, morteza, dariush va ebi, black cats, googoosh va siavash ghomeini khaile khube. khoda hafes, man raftam to madrese! (bebakhshid, farsi e man khaile bade )
  4. seksi agha


    lol... mustangs r crap! my dad owns a 911, a viper gts r, a lambourghini gallardo and a lotus elise.... now THOSE are cars! but mustangs look pretty good.
  5. okh joon... lol i dunno what to do about my gf... im only 13 and she's 16, so its obvious she a little old for me, but she's a model!!!! i think she might b in it for $ though, which sucks... she turned 16 on saturday, and for her bday, i convinced my parents to help me pay for a brand-new porsche boxster for her. out of my own pocket i got her a 2 carat ruby ring and a pair of channel sunglasses. should i dump her or keep her? the only reason i have dumped yet is b/c her and i have been freinds since i was like 4.... bebakhshid... man raftam to khune ye man. khodahafes!