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  1. prsnnegin


    i love middle eastern music lol
  2. i mean i don't like the new iranian prendent i mean i don't like the new iranian prendent
  3. prsnnegin

    love you for ever

    you are my first love you are my last love if you died i will never forget your beautifull life you had i will all whys love you
  4. Funk him lol i wish he could died and then Iran/tehran could be free PLEAS VOTE NO FOR HIM i don't like him
  5. prsnnegin

    why do american people hate iranian people ??

    i think because of him iranians are getting more laws and more rules i hate ahad he is a jack hole to me heheheheh and ur so right lol i thanks for feeling my payn :clap2: :gentleman_in_wft[1]:
  6. prsnnegin

    beh tork

    one day this tells this torky guy to make a sentence with zam he says man olozam
  7. prsnnegin

    what are you listening to

    me i am listening to hip hop and rap
  8. areh dige..chera iranihaye ke biroon az iran zendegi mikonan aksaraneshoon mohafagh shodan?kheili irani darim ke journalist shodan ya doctor ya engineers va jahaye kheili important kar mikonan..vali too vatanemoon injoor adamaro chi kareshoon mikonan? mikoshaneshoon! vagean shode mamlekate gedahaye, oghdeyee va BISAVAD! shode KESAFATKHOONE mamlikate ma...va hishki hich kari nemitune bekone motassefane! I'm disgusted! perfect gofti ! where was the plane crash in iran/tehran what area ??
  9. i love all kinds of music like rap , hip hop ,iranian music, latin , arbic , turkish,kordish also who do you like as a singer?? i like afshin ,arash,kanye west,mario ,r.kelly, the boys, amo , arian band , 50.cent, mike johns , go head and add more singers you like on the list
  10. prsnnegin

    one love

    you are my love by negin you are my frist love you are my last love even through you broke my heart when you died i will always love you life is good life is bad life is hard life is short
  11. omg i hate when iranian singers copy american songs it makes me so made and alot of iranian singers had no voice they become singer for wht ???
  12. prsnnegin

    Love Poetry!

    omg i love ur poems their good
  13. prsnnegin

    why do american people hate iranian people ??

    well ur right mabye they do but since i was a little girl kid told me mean things like u are from iraq u are a terrorist because u are from iran and it really makes me sad are you iranian ?? i am my name is negin i am 15 years old i been united stats for 12 years know but i love my home town iran its the best place
  14. prsnnegin


    no hun theres like 3 people who are 15 here! 49997[/snapback] Wow that makes it 5 of us now!!! :DD 50017[/snapback] LOL ye 2~3 saali kam meekoni?... i am 15 going to be 16 in june
  15. i hate when american people think i am from iraq it makes me really made i think it does not mader because we all are the same we all have our rights and we all are people i don't think is right to hate others for anything i love persian people they rock