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    Team Melli, Iranian Music and going to iran to see the family.
  1. babak_australia

    new picture PEGAH

    Are u being sarcastic brother? All my non persian friends cant believe how beautiful our girls are. Open your eyes next time you are in Iran bro and you will get a nice shock
  2. babak_australia

    High Rez Images of Female Artists?

    is there any proof of this girl being Iranian? Cause i have thought she is gorgeous for ages and never knew she was Iranian.
  3. babak_australia


    Deadwood Season 2. Great show, i just got into it. and i also watched the latest ep of Prison Break
  4. babak_australia


    Tickets to Australia V Argentina at the MCG (Where Iran beat Australia in 97)
  5. babak_australia

    Farsi word association thread

  6. babak_australia

    new picture PEGAH

    could someone tell me who this Pegah girl is. Thank you Because from that photo even comparing her to Shaghayegh is an insult in my opinion.
  7. babak_australia

    Farsi word association thread

  8. babak_australia

    ~~Send Your Love~~

    I send ALL my love to all my family in Iran, miss them so much
  9. babak_australia

    Worst and Best Adaptations?

    It has to be without a doubt the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I am a person that reads books constantly and am very judgemental when it comes to a book becoming a movie. As pourya said, Jackson did the impossible and managed to do this book to movie flawlessly. There is also an Australian book called "Looking for Alibrandi" and i really loved the movie version as well.
  10. babak_australia

    Where do you live?

    I live in Melbourne, Australia. Anyone that ever plans to visit should look me up and ill show them the best city in the world Anyone else from Melbourne here?
  11. babak_australia

    TV-programs You Watch On Regular Basis

    Right now i watch...... Prison Break Reruns of Scrubs Veronica Mars Season 1&2 Entourage season 3 just finished but i watched it The 4400 Family Guy Waiting for..... Lost Smallville Supernatural Entourage The Sopranos
  12. babak_australia

    FIBA 2006 Japan (Greece 101-U.S.A 95)

    A black guy playing for Greece, that is very interesting.
  13. babak_australia

    Words Association Game

    aishwarya rai Probably the most beautiful woman in the world.
  14. babak_australia


    Babak jan, axe in yaru ali daei ro vardar axe in khanoum ro bezar, beh cheshmayeh ma pire marda rahm kon amigo Sharmande Siamak jan, man aslan nadidam ke Daei to aks bood. Pire mardo bikhial Aks az Ali Karimi hast
  15. babak_australia


    LOOOOOOOOL :clap2: one of my all time favourite scenes from Family Guy. I dont know if im allowed to show this but im giving everyone the warning of 18+ This was sent to me yesterday and i found it funny to see what a girl in Iran would do for a phone. I apologise if this is overstepping boundries of this site. http://www.youtube.com/verify_age?next_url...v%3D4czib4w-R7I