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  1. mamali

    beh tork

    i think she wanted to say gham( unhappy ).
  2. mamali

    On Clubbing

    On any given Friday or Saturday night, there is nothing better than the act of random grinding and foreign sweat rubbing for the millions of clubbers across the globe. This is clubbing. A place where painfully loud music explodes into one's ear to blur the thought process and where people intoxicate themselves with an array of narcotics. Amidst the large crowd, there are only a few different types of personalities sprawled on the dance floor. Here is the cast. 1.The hot chicks This is the chick who plasters her face with makeup and clothes her body with string. Yea, she likes to go out of her way for attention, that way when she rejects a guy, it gives her a boost in her shallowing self esteem. 2.Chit-chatters These are the guys that stand in front, or around clubs, or even inside clubs who glue their cellphone in one ear to maintain an illusion that they are popular, when they could be talking to anyone, or maybe no one. 3.Wall flowers The guys (who are usually the only 'friend' who drives a car) that come to the club with a group of cool people, but stand by the wall watching the girls dance. These guys are also known to go to one friend to ask about the whereabouts of the other friend as if he has something to say to them. They also either lack visual appeal and/or the ability to dance and/or self-esteem. 4.Breakdancers That one guy who get's circled around for doing olympic level moves while being drunk and/or high. Let this be a warning to any of those other guys who don't know how to move to please not get into the circle. 5.The voyagers These are the people who come to clubs, and cut into the dance crowd, just walking and wandering around as if there is somewhere better to go. They just don't stop wandering around. Clubs are meant for drinking and dancing, not wandering in between crowds. Damn I hate those people. You tend to see them wandering into your space at least 5 times in one night! 6.Wash-roomies The girls who spend most of their time in front of a mirror at the washroom. These girls are known to drag their friends too, as if there is a real and constant need to go there. 7.Porn stars with clothes! These are the people who really go at it, but with clothes. Fear not, for those of you with $40 in your pockets, there are plenty of motels where you can express yourself without the clothing obstacle! And that's it. These are the only people and all the people you can recognize at a club. Which one was I? Well, I am a different entity of my own! -- Vanessa
  3. mamali

    goore khar

    that was suppose to be poem...lol ama man bad goftam sharmande pakesh mikonam age khily zayas?
  4. mamali

    Missing sunshine

    nazare lotfetone...
  5. mamali

    goore khar

    az gore khari posridam : to sefidi ba rah rah haye siyah, ya inke siyah hasti va rahrah haye sefid dari? gore khar dar javab.. porsid: to khobi faghat adathaye abd dari yainke badi adathaye khob dari? to sheytooni bazivaghtah saketi bazivaghtha sheytoon?mmmkhoshhali bazivaghtha narahat ya narahati bazivaghtha khoshhal? ...gorekhar porsido porsido porsid va bad raft. dige az hich gorekhari nemiporsam ke chera rah rah hastan.
  6. mikhaham bekhabam. az khodaye bozorg mikhaham ke roham ra hefz konad... va agar dar khab mordam, tamame asbab bazihayam ra beshkanad, ta hich bacheye digari az anha estefade nakonad! aaamin~~`!
  7. mamali

    Missing sunshine

    tanx. i have some more i just don`t have time to post it though....
  8. I am as thirsty as the sun I am as homeless as the wind I am as scattered and strewn as the earth beneath man’s feet Have you seen a mad man mislay the mist? Searching for whom he perceive to be watching, for the reason behind his bizarre existence I don’t want it to rain again to burn again to the ground The moon will not, shine without the illumination of the sun Nor the cloud can swayed without a gentle push from the wind Nor the earth maintain its figure, itself without the aid of gravity I am an invisible moon, a stormy sky, a troubled world without you I ask solely to be found I ask solely for your glow, your guidance, your power to keep me grounded To a mad man, these are all that are missing in being I beseech you to reach out, take my hand, and take me away from this world of insanity.