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  1. farnaz

    Omid's new album

    Hey guys, does anyone know who has done the Mastering for Omid's new album (Shabe Milad)? Thanks
  2. Heya, long time since I have posted a topic.... Last week, I felt like playing something on piano and putting it on youtube. Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLedPNJHxYk Drop me your feedback Thanks
  3. farnaz

    One of the BEST SONGS

    Yas has greatly improved arrangement wise. His lyrics were always nice, but I never really enjoyed his arrangements as much, but this song is very professionally arranged and performed. Great job! and this guy Nima has a very soothing voice, reminiscent of Shadmehr. Keep it up.
  4. farnaz

    Samyar Ehsan - Bass

    Hey ya, Have you heard Samyar Ehsan's (rather) new song "Bass"? I find it amazing, It expresses feelings of a DJ in a very cute manner and I luv the sound production and arrangement ... good job.
  5. Sounds nice! as pourya said very cinematic... May I ask which software you have used to create this song?
  6. farnaz

    DJ RaMiN New Album (Amplified Persia)

    Salam Ramin jan...I listen to your songs, az lahaz-e "mixing tricks" and the drum loops and timing they are very nice. but you just need to pay more attention to the chord progressions and the underlying harmony of the songs. The base and the arrangments that you mix sometimes are not in the same harmony as the song and this makes the song sound wierd, (i.e. for eg. you can't mix a song which is in Dm with a E chord) otherwise, a nice rythmic work! :clap2:
  7. farnaz

    ***Babak Rahnama***

  8. farnaz

    Shahyad's New Ablum " Sefareshi"

    I dunno how the heck the above post has been come on twice?! anywho, I am not gonna be bothered to edit it ;) In regards to my nickname:) well I am finding it rather amusing, how I can draw attention with just a stupid name!! We (the male creatures) are so stupid in this single direction...bluntly helpless, hopeless and illogical when it comes to women.. ahh, that 40 grams of meat! :haha:
  9. farnaz

    Shahyad's New Ablum " Sefareshi"

    yes pourya JAAN! I still disagree with you and I strongly believe that so would you! so I would think we should agree to disagree too I just don't get how u get the time to reply to all these craps posted on this forume while doin the music reviews, while doing you daily chores, and while keeping all those AZZes satisfied so they may continue doin their service to thou! :punishing_wft: the latter on its own may be counted as one's only commitment in life! I just don't know how u manage dude! good for u! yes pourya JAAN! I still disagree with you and I strongly believe that so would you! so I would think we should agree to disagree too I just don't get how u get the time to reply to all these craps posted on this forume while doin the music reviews, while doing you daily chores, and while keeping all those AZZes satisfied so they may continue doin their service to thou! :punishing_wft: the latter on its own may be counted as one's only commitment in life! I just don't know how u manage dude! good for u! :clap2:
  10. farnaz

    Pitch correction..

    Keano, That was very kewl! :clap2: did u make this? I just didn't get how the song after the infant "masterpiece" related to the masterpiece itself? Btw, I am just an amature music lover, but I am also an engineer, yet in electrical engineering ;) indeed I have my masters too, but in DEBATING... as a matter of fact I am a MASTER(DE)BATOR! lool, I got my masters in Electrical and bachelor in Computer engineering... and thnx for the info Keano jan, all makes sense now. Actually, in melodyne as u mentioned, when I sing solid lines, the software has a good chance of detecting and *auto*-tuning my voice. But when there is a slightest ornomentation in the singing, it can not *detect* the notes correctly and therefore one can not fix them with the auto-feature. Yet, in terms of leaving the "footstep" behind, I find melodyne fairly impressive. Indeed, even if u want to leave some "cher" effect behind, it is difficult; you gotta sing EXTREMELY off for this to happen in melodyne. Is the software you mentioned actually called Auto-tune?
  11. farnaz

    Shahyad's New Ablum " Sefareshi"

    WEll, Pourya jan, I think you and me are talking about different things. In regards to copying, I would give high probability that Shadmehr unethically *intended* to present himself as the original composer for the songs like Bavar, paeez, dele divoone, etc. from other artists like siavash, notis and I know that he has used the lyrics of khiali nist with no permission from its creator shahkar which has clouded the relationship of the two artists... In a legal environment, he would definitely be deemed guilty for plagerism of all of the above *along with* Popcorn, since he has not officially given any credit to the original creators. However, the case of popcorn is different from all of the above in the regards that he certainly did not try to "secretedly" present himself to the public as the original composer of this song; this would simply not be possible...So, if I were to write a review, I would definitely avoid overpressing and exaggerating this case; I would write a similar review as you did for Mansour: "All these borrowings without any credit to either the originators of (...) or (...)! An argument in defence of such action would be that most people already KNOW about this legendary song, but on the other hand its never wrong to inform the younger generations about the RIGHT identity of their artistic institutions and heritages!" [1] I think u gave a ++ to Mansour Ethical Adherence, while you gave Shadmehr --- :yeah: I have to sue you in the court of law for being inconsistent in your reviews and hurting Shadmehr's feelings :silly_wft: :p jks :DD References: 1. Pouryaii, Pourya, Mansour review, http://bia2.com/music-review/review.php?id=128. [Last updated, Apr 3, 2006].
  12. farnaz

    Shahyad's New Ablum " Sefareshi"

    btw, u certainly can interpret/express ur ideas however u feel most suitable, but to me it is still an overkill for pocorn by the anology of shakespear as mentioned above.
  13. farnaz

    Shahyad's New Ablum " Sefareshi"

    I think my name is creating more controversy than shadmehr's album which is remarkable! :dance_baby_wft: The reason I go by a mamma's name is that I tried several times to register by several free usernames, and for strange reasons I was not able to; more precisely, I never got the confirmation email from bia2, even though I tried several different unregistered IDs and several different emails. So I thought I register with a mamma's name, maybe things improve! :v but it didn't , so I sent an email to soltan, informing him of the problem, and he said he has registered "farnaz" without the need for the confirmation email. He didn't reply to my subsequent emails to register another papa's name, and so here I am ! :yeah:
  14. farnaz

    Shahyad's New Ablum " Sefareshi"

    Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, I am not defending Shadmehr on that basis either, and I am certainly aware of his plagerisms and unethical acts. I was solely pointing out to Popcorn and mentioning that convicting him based on the melody that he has incorporated is rather overegging the pudding... btw, what an azz this lady's got! phew! I feel like :punishing_wft: :DD
  15. farnaz

    Shahyad's New Ablum " Sefareshi"

    Pouria jan, I certainly agree with you that shadmehr has this tendency of ahang dozdi. But convicting him for popcorn is an overkill in my opinion. For such songs which are so obvious, although it would definitely be nice to mention the original composer, if not it would still be fine, since anyone would recognize the tune the moment s/he hears it. It is like giving credit to Shakespear in DJ aligator's "protect your ear" when he says "to Base or not to Base, that is the question" or in any other derivatives of "to be or not to be"....I remember Mansour did the same thing with Mara beboos in his latest Album...anhow, just my thought.
  16. farnaz

    Shahyad's New Ablum " Sefareshi"

    Well, although I agree that a few of the songs are nice, Shayad's voice is rather of a turn off she should sing too high in my opinion.. lack of strength and resonence in his voice becomes evident when he sings high notes. :what_then_wft:
  17. farnaz


    I think there are still some super confident ppl producing junk in LA... what the heck was this lower than demo quality CD they have put up for sale? :eek_wft: Their confidence is admirable...truly!
  18. farnaz

    Pitch correction..

    keano, I have tried Melodyne. I dunno if you have used it or not. but when I run it in its "automatic" tuning feature to fix the imperfections, what I hear sounds way more "falzh" than before using the melodyne. So what I had to do was to listen to what I had sung and manually correct the portions that *sounded* off to my ear. and in doing this, I had to change the pitch up and down untill it seemed fine. I mean when for example I change the pitch from a little off C to melodyne point of reference for C, what I hear is not still a perfect C and I have fine tune it manually for a long time until I get the note right. I dunno what is wrong?! u got any idea about this? or do u know of any other software that does the job easier? Thanks in advance :happy_wft:
  19. farnaz

    Iranian mama in UK girlband

    damm, she is oo lalah
  20. farnaz


    where do I find the original version of "donya digeh mesle to nadareh" ? I am really lookin forward to hear how this could have been about hazrate abbas?!!
  21. Hi Ramin jan, the video looks gr8. Nice work! Can you possibly re-upload the Audio plz? the link has apparantly expired. All the best
  22. farnaz


    Not bad. Arrangement wise, the song is alright. The vocals need some twicking, and crafting. Some parts are out of tune, especially when you sing "nemimooniiii", va "delaaam". The English part sounds better. I am not sure if this is the demo I am judging or the final version. I think you need to craft it a little further for the final version. Some vocal effect would make it sound nicer in my opinion. Good luck,
  23. farnaz

    Afshin - Maach

    Here it is: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7733HJFP
  24. farnaz


    Please help me out here, I know it is a stupid question does anybody know what this "PMC" is ? supposedly it is a persian channel, does PMC stand for anything? and does anybody know if it is possible to watch any sort of its video streaming online? do they have a website? thank you :gentleman_in_wft[1]: