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  1. Dj_Timsar

    Words Association Game

    Fahrenheit 9/11
  2. Dj_Timsar

    I love...

    I love my sisters donya and kimiya
  3. Dj_Timsar

    Farsi word association thread

    Jaadeh ghadim e saaveh yes it is on that otobaan (highway) now make a word from that lol
  4. Dj_Timsar

    I Can't Wait...

    can not wait til i go to afghanistan this august,,, migam stop the ghayrat baazi to jelo khaahareto begir, chaador saresh kon to ham keh hatman komiteh bayad begiratet adam beshi
  5. Dj_Timsar

    I dislike...

    I hate seeing ppl i used to be friends with... rafighhayeh nimeh raah
  6. Dj_Timsar

    Answer and ask the next person

    RED BMW or BENZ?
  7. Dj_Timsar

    Who would u date from Bia2?

    Oh my god i just got my wisdom teeth pulled, and i got to read this topic, and now i am in pain from the pain that laughing cuzed me, but guys this just nuts
  8. Dj_Timsar

    Farsi word association thread

    Canadian Passport
  9. Dj_Timsar

    Farsi word association thread

    RCMP royal canadian mounted police
  10. Dj_Timsar

    khaneye dost kojast?

    migam keh saam alaykoom va rahmatolaheeee yani salam chetori khoobi cheh khabara i got to go get a life i am going nuts i think
  11. Dj_Timsar

    Hidden Web Cam

    so what u ppl r saying it's ok if u girls and guys go to iran and some one takes ur photos without u knowing it and post it on the net it's ok so i hope one day u r out in iran or whereever some one does that to u and then we see if it's ok or not
  12. Dj_Timsar

    I Miss...

    i still miss listining to radio javidan on the radio with my dad i miss playing ghayem mooshak i miss going to buy noon early in the morrning i miss running across the street between the cars i miss maydoon azadi i miss hearing cab drivers complain about the akhoonds i miss telling jiji girls chekheh i miss kohpaymai osool, hotel osool, dorahi shirpalah i miss meeting pir e mards and kool irani kids on the way to estgah 5 i miss eating halim before i go on the minibus to sarband i miss my sarbazi time i miss hotel contntal's (Laaleh) cheese cakes i miss the slow mellow irani parties with some hot married women singing in it, with some guy playing a guitar and hitting on me after, damn irani fags. i miss the time i found whats the diff between girls and guys lol i miss going on the service buss to school. i miss trading tapes on the bus with girls i miss toot i miss balaal irani style i still miss paykan i miss maatiz i miss bikers doing takcharkh i miss the pollution i miss looking at all the irans in front of canadian embassy,lol, that's mean but true i miss the time when i used to buy poofak nabaki and then bahaneh namaki with noshabeh sefid i miss the irani full chocolate kit kat
  13. Dj_Timsar

    going back home after a looooooong time

    i came back from iran last Xmas, and i saw ppl walking around with out rosari at chahara park way so ya, and really tight pants and drunk , i took some pictures as well, it was diff to me to see that in iran,,, it was shabe e xmas...
  14. Dj_Timsar

    Go Random

    safar kardam keh az yadam beri vali didam keh nemisheh this life thing sucks ish
  15. Dj_Timsar

    Answer and ask the next person

    sorry i forgot to log in so ya i have no idea what u r asking, Q: do u?