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    Funniest jokes you've heard?

    Grow up guys!! Honestly!
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    Well at the moment I'm studying the three sciences and maths and hope to do them for A-level; that is if I survive until then! lol How about you?
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    I'm actually also from the south-east. I live quite close to Wimbledon, which you probably know for the tennis. A few years ago, before I went to high school, I too used to live in North London. Most Iranians live there, as you probably know. By the way I'm in year 12 and doing AS levels. Not fun !! Its only been a couple of days since we came back from half-term, but I can't wait till Christams. XXXXXXXXXXXXX to both saras
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    Salam bar hameye hamvatanane azizam. I hope you're all well and shangool despite all the miseries of life. By the way I'm Niloofar and its really great to meet you all, especially the two saras, who are both adorable. x)Sara(x joon I also live in London and its sooooo great to finally meet a Persian in London. Most Iranians live in the U.S. and its really quite frustrating because we're stuck in miserable old London on our larrys :c So unfair!! What part of London are you from? Its really good to meet all of you anyway. For those who are fasting, ONLY THREE MORE DAYS TO GO!! WOHOOOOOOOOOO!! Eid mubarak in three days' time. Love you all!! :yeah: