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  1. Aslan Jan, I just wanted to reply to your topic. First, you should really search your heart before spending any type of money and make sure that it is something you are dedicated to. There is alot of pressure and bull in the persian music industry and you can't really believe what anyone says, you have to trust your gut on who is honest. I work with Siavash (Shams) http://www.siavash.com and since he bought his recording studio 3 years ago he has been producing some new albums, for new persian singers and he also recently finished producing an entire spanish album for a well known spanish singer. For persian songs he writes the lyrics and music, has them arranged with live muscicians and records in his studio for about $5,000 a song, he will also, help you to make sure your voice is recorded great and you shine for whatever style you have. He writes amazing persian songs. I cannot gurantee the price but I think that is about right, he is not into charging ridiculous prices for people who want to put their heart and music on the line. I have been in the industry for 20 years, I don't know who Nava is but I don't care how many Albums Avang has released and what racket they have going, Armin has not been honest, they have been selling Siavash's album Scream, (with boro dige doset nadaram) for the last four years and Siavash's contract was out with them for over 4 years, they were sold out of his album he refused to sign a new contract with them and now for 4 years every store says they got it from Avang, how did they get a CD if it was sold out and they were asking Siavash for it, copies anyone? Shady, Shady, and I wouldn't trust Farid to accomplish anything. I think instead of doing a whole album, you should consider doing maybe 2 or 3 songs and then bring it to ALL of the companys, if you are really talented and the songs are great, they should be willing to put money behind you and finish the album, as well as, pay for the videos themselves. If you invest all of the money for all of the album it is a risk and unless you have money to burn, you should be very careful. Most of these companies and writers don't care about the art, they just want to take your money, tv's are the same, everyone makes money except the singer. For the record, singers from Siavash's generation did invest up to $100,000 in their first album, but the persian industry is so polluted that now it really isn't worth it to spend your hard earned money when they are going to take your money and then the tv's are a monopoly, they will pimp you only if you join their team and that means you do concerts for nothing, everybody charges the singer, the magazines, the tv's, the radios, Koji?, you can't get anything done without them charging you ridiculous prices and it will be impossible to make a living without being a wedding singer and even then, you won't make has much money or live in the kind of houses that people do like Al Amirghassemii, from Tapesh or Caltex or Pars video who has been selling Siavash videos for 10 years and not giving him a penny. And then, when your album comes out, it will be online and copied by the fans who say they love you and expect the best job from you, but they will copy it in 2 seconds and you won't see any money, especially if your a new singer, and if your record company sells it, they won't tell you the truth if it is selling good. Iif you love persian music, the best thing to do is invest the $50,000 in a business of your own and then when your business is making good money, take it and invest it in persian music because you love it, not for any of the vultures to make money off of you, but because you just want to do something positive and you love persian music or singing. Regardless of the craziness, if your heart is in it, you should follow your heart and I wish you lot's of success. If you want to talk to Siavash you can call him at his studio, he puts his heart and talent into whatever he does, Valley Center Studios 818-989-0866, http://www.valleycenterstudios.com. Another song writer who is a great song writer is Jacklin, she has written many great songs for singers, she isn't fake and she will write to your personality, her prices where fair, I don't know if they still are. I don't have her number but I am sure someone could get it for you. All the companies are the same, they are all shady, so you should have something in your hand and approach every company and see which one gives you the best deal. Koji is WAY, WAY to expensive, he hasn't grown as an artist and he is a pain to deal with unless the company pays for it themselves. If you are paying for it, you can try blackhild films, 2 japanese guys, who did Siavash's last video Taje Tala and they did it on film for $4,000, there website is blackchildfilms.com. Again, wish you the best :bye: